Ranking the best KC Chiefs uniform combinations

After Clark Hunt ended dreams of a Chiefs alternate, how do the past versions rank?
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In a world where some teams debut a new uniform combination every few years, there are the Kansas City Chiefs. There is only so much you can do with red, yellow, and white, but Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is clear that the Chiefs will not be jogging out in mustard yellow alternates any time soon.

“It was something that my dad felt very strongly about, going all the way back to the early ‘60s," Hunt said. "He wanted a lot of continuity in the uniform and we’ve tried to maintain that over the years. I think we have a very distinct brand with the red and white, and I don’t anticipate steering away from that any time soon."

This is commendable in a couple of ways. After all, changing uniforms can throw a team's brand into chaos at times or be seen as a shameless money grab from the already rich NFL teams. Also, in the ever-changing football world, Hunt keeping the Chiefs' visual roots strong is a great homage to Lamar Hunt and how important he was to the modern-day NFL.

But c'mon Clark: give fans something different or exciting, just once or twice is all that is asked. Nobody asked for the jet-black New York Jets kits or the "snowcapped" Denver Broncos helmets, but those are a way to reengage fans and bring more eyes to the Chiefs brand. That is just one opinion, but it is a visual way to spice things up, one that doesn't affect the on-field result at least. But, Clark already closed that door for the time being.

So, why not cherish what the Chiefs already have? Here are the picks for the best Chiefs kits, no matter the year.

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