The longest tenured head coaches in KC Chiefs history

Oct 16, 1977; Los Angeles, CA, USA; FILE PHOTO; New Orleans Saints head coach HANK STRAM on the
Oct 16, 1977; Los Angeles, CA, USA; FILE PHOTO; New Orleans Saints head coach HANK STRAM on the / David Boss-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently in the midst of their golden era of football, one that far eclipses their initial run coming into the National Football League that featured their first Super Bowl title: a victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

These days, the Chiefs have won two of the last four Super Bowl championships and there's promise for far more in the years to come. They're the odds-on favorites this year to repeat as champs knowing that Patrick Mahomes is entering his prime.

For now, current head coach Andy Reid seems quite energized to stick with the team and that's good news for the Chiefs. It also could mean a lot for the record books. For now, however, Reid isn't quite the longest-tenured head coach in Chiefs history.

Let's look at the list of the head coaches who've lasted the longest on the sidelines at Arrowhead.

1. Hank Stram (1960-1974)

Hank Stram stands as the foundation of the Chiefs' coaching history, leading the team through its formative years. His innovative "65 Toss Power Trap" play sealed the Chiefs' victory in Super Bowl IV. Stram's sharp football mind and charismatic leadership left an indelible mark, setting the tone for decades to come.

2. Andy Reid (2013-present)

Andy Reid's arrival marked a turning point, guiding the Chiefs to new heights. His offensive brilliance and mentorship of Patrick Mahomes brought a Super Bowl victory in 2020, ending a decades-long championship drought. Reid's tenure symbolizes the franchise's resurgence and an era of sustained success.

3. Marty Schottenheimer (1989-1998)

Known for his unyielding determination, Schottenheimer transformed the Chiefs into perennial playoff contenders. His teams boasted a fierce defense and balanced offense, consistently reaching the playoffs. Schottenheimer's legacy resonates in the team's strong culture and winning mindset.

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4. Dick Vermeil (2001-2005)

Vermeil's emotional connection with players revitalized the Chiefs. His high-powered offense led by Priest Holmes and Trent Green brought excitement, and he guided the team to an AFC West division title. Although a Super Bowl win remained elusive, Vermeil's impact was notable.

5. Marv Levy (1978-1982)

Levy brought stability to the Chiefs during a challenging era. His coaching style emphasized discipline and solid fundamentals and laid the groundwork for future success. Unfortunately, his stint with the team ended with the strike-shortened season in '82.