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Meet The Team

Jacob Milham

Contributor, Arrowhead Addict Currently an active-duty public affairs specialist in Virginia, but Kansas born and raised! EMAW above all else.


Matt Conner

Editor at Arrowhead Addict since 2017. Former editor with SB Nation and PledgeMusic. Freelance writer for sports and pop culture. Bylines at ESPN, Indianapolis Star, Paste, Relevant, No Depression, Under the Radar, The Line of Best Fit.


Michael Kaskey-Blomain

Michael is an NFL Editor with FanSided. In addition to the NFL, he has also covered the NBA for a variety of outlets including CBS Sports. Michael grew up outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania and he currently resides in Philadelphia.


Charles Robinson

New dad, middle aged husband. Do not own a pair of Air Monarchs yet but I'm still living the suburban dream. As a creatively driven writer, I've been working to bring color and flavor to Chiefs coverage online since the beginning of the 2021 season. My obsession with the Chiefs runs deep, and my goal is to channel this borderline insanity into entertaining words for you - my fellow members of Chiefs Kingdom. My accolades as an athlete solely include being the all time leader in double bogey saves. I'm also a basset hound enthusiast dabbling in black labs.


Greg Florkowski

Kansas City fan from Smithville, Missouri. Currently is enlisted in the United States Air Force, but even on his busiest day he has time to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs. Favorite players include Travis Kelce, Jamal Ch


Bransen Gibson

Life-long Chiefs fan in Melbourne, Australia. Super Bowl parade attendee, currently only 8,617 miles from Arrowhead.


Grant Tuttle

Philosopher and free thinker. Lifelong Chiefs and NFL fan. Thoughtful and passionate critic of movies, music, and all things sports.

Josh Fann

Love the Kansas City Chiefs and Mizzou football


Lyle Graversen

This "Armchair Quarterback" is a devoted family man, a public school music teacher, and a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. You can read his thoughts on the Chiefs every Monday at ArrowheadAddict.com.Follow him on Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/LyleGraversen">@LyleGraversen</a>


Lucas Strozinsky

Engineer by day. Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Lightning superfan also by day... but officially by night. (I also watch the Minnesota Twins on occasion).


Price Carter

Price has been covering the Kansas City Chiefs since 2020. With experience in news, analysis, gameday coverage and the NFL Draft. Price writes for Arrowhead Addict and With the First Pick for Fansided.

Stacy D. Smith

Native to the BBQ Capital of the World and die-hard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. AA contributor from 2012-2017 returning to post. Priest Holmes stan, stat nerd and the Liberace of the lukewarm take. By all accounts, great guy.


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