3 teams KC Chiefs have the best record against in NFL history

The Chiefs are used to winning but some teams they've historically dominated.

Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs
Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Winning has become quite normalized these days for the Kansas City Chiefs. With two Super Bowl wins in four seasons and seven consecutive division titles atop the AFC West, it's really not all that surprising if/when the Chiefs go on to win an average of 11 or 12 games per year during the regular season (if not more).

However, while the Chiefs are winners more than losers during the last decade, there are some teams that have been owned by the Chiefs since well before Andy Reid arrived.

The Chiefs are used to winning but there are some teams they've historically dominated.

Let's take a look at those teams against whom the Chiefs have fared the best throughout NFL history.

1. Washington Commanders (10-1)

Not to spoil the surprise, but every entrant here comes from the NFC and it starts with the Chiefs' ownership of the Washington Commanders.

Here's what's amazing about the Chiefs' run of supremacy over Washington. While they rarely play, it's still insane that Washington hasn't beaten the Chiefs since 1983. Even in that game, back on September 18th, the Bill Kinney and the Chiefs were up 12-0 at halftime before Joe Theismann's fourth-quarter heroics gave Washington the win.

During Andy Reid's tenure, he's gone 3-0 against them with an average margin of victory of over 20 points per game. Given that Washington will only play the Chiefs every four years if they have to wait on divisional rotations, it's clear the Commanders aren't going to even this score anytime soon.

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2. Arizona Cardinals (10-3-1)

Memories of playing the Cardinals should be fairly fresh in the minds of Chiefs Kingdom knowing that the Chiefs began their season with a dominant 44-21 victory against them in Week 1 nearly a year ago. It also felt fitting to return to that scene for a Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

If those results felt good, well you should be used to it when the Cardinals are involved. The Chiefs and Cardinals (then in St. Louis) tied in their very first matchup back in 1970 with a final score of 6-6. Since then, however, K.C. has rolled over the Cards most of the time with a 10-3-1 record overall.

3. Carolina Panthers (5-2)

This is a rather vanilla series here with the Panthers, if we're being honest. There's never been a real high-profile game against Carolina ever in Chiefs history, and there are also no postseason matchups here. Carolina is also one of the league's newer teams, which means there's not even an abundance of history here to draw from.

K.C. won the first couple of games only to lose the next couple to Carolina, but the Chiefs have won the last three in the series.

Things could turn interesting here down the road if Bryce Young lives up to the billing as the top quarterback in this year's draft. The NFC looks fairly open for another contender or two to stand up and the Panthers are certainly hoping they've made the moves to joust for such a spot. If so, we might see some more meaningful matchups down the road.