Video: Travis Kelce Does The ‘Carlton’ At PBR Event, Lives To Tell About It


By the end of 2014, Kansas City Chiefs star and one-man tribute band Travis Kelce ranked as Pro Football Focus’ No. 4 tight end (subscription required).

I don’t have a Hall of Fame vote, and I don’t know how the rest of Kelce’s career will pan out. But if this man isn’t, at the very least, inducted as a first-ballot contributor, bald eagles will hold a moment of silence for the passing of American greatness.

When No. 87 crosses the goal line, a timer ticks, a minigame ensues and your brain blurts out random predictions: “GREASE LIGHTNIN’! DIDDY BOP! GO NINJA, GO NINJA, GO!”

They’re always wrong, but you’re OK with that because what you conjured up in a three-second lightning round always pales in comparison to what this Centaur planned during Saturday’s walkthrough. Flair “Woos,” Shmoney dances, whatever the hell Hosmer does every time he dives face-first for a single—the tight end doesn’t discriminate.

Until Sunday, I thought that, in terms of tributes, the “Nature Boy” strut was untouchable; Kelce wasn’t topping that unless he pulled latex over his gloves, unzipped the laces, delivered a piglet and hoisted it in the air in Simba-like fashion.

And then there was one.

The closest I’ve come to a PBR event is a Thirsty Thursday special on Pabst Blue Ribbon. (“Yeah, but there’s no cover!”) And being that Saturday’s was held inside of the Sprint Center, I don’t know what the bro-‘merican-Caller No. 9 ratio was.

What I do know is that Kelce stopped an event that dubs bulls “animal athletes,” blared Tom Jones, twirled around the dirt like Brian Boitano and did the “Carlton” next to a “Ford Tough” barrel.

He’s a peacock. You’ve got to let him fly.

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