The Chiefs Combine Potpourri


NFL Combine week is off the hook. People will say almost anything. Sometimes it’s even true. Sal Paolantonio is a case in point. A lot more than that has happened this week. The changing face of the Kansas City Chiefs is in surgery as we speak. We’re all in the waiting room, hoping the team doesn’t come out looking like the love child of Ryan Sims and the Boz. Since most will agree that GM John Dorsey doesn’t deserve to be saddled with such worries, one fact surfaces supreme, John Dorsey is the man in charge.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid has abdicated his role as his team’s talent evaluator and Mr. Dorsey appears well equipped to tackle the task.

The 2015 NFL Combine is already offering Chiefs fans some very delicious morsels to munch while awaiting the franchise face surgery.

Number one on this list is the action already being taken… and spoken… about the state of the Chiefs wide receivers. When the team released both WR #2 Donnie Avery and A.J. Jenkins, a first round WR who was traded for another first round WR (Jon Baldwin)… it was step one in a process to overhaul the wide receiver position. Remember, releasing Jenkins was the equivalent of releasing Jon Baldwin, the Chiefs first round selection and the 26th pick of the 2011 draft.

Next, we find that Mr. Johnny Dorsey and his Big Band of evaluators are meeting with Dorial Green-Beckham, the Megatron equivalence. If the NFL Combine is the place for NFL teams to focus on the physical traits of prospects then DGB should be in the microscope cross-hairs as much as any possible first round pick out there. At 6-5 and 237 pounds Mr. Green-Beckham offers as imposing an offensive presence as there is in this draft… off-field issues aside. After all, he said he did those things when he was “young and dumb” so we should believe him. Right? Now, of course, he’s mature and smart. So, the Chiefs should draft him right away.

Also on the wide receiver front are John Dorsey’s statements about Dwayne Bowe. He not only made strong positive statements about Bowe the week after the season ended but this week at the NFL Combine he said,

"“Dwayne does the little things that you didn’t see. I mean if you go back and do a cut up of third down situations he really did some nice things on third down. He does the selfless things in terms of run blocking in those situations. Those guys worked their fannies off. It is hard to play in the National Football League. He will probably tell you himself that he did not live up to his high standards but now we have 2015 to come back on.”"

More pointedly, John Dorsey says of his #1 WR,

"“I love the kid.”"

John Dorsey has a plan in mind for his team in 2015. Actually, he has several.

"“Let’s just wait and see what pans out. I’ve got so much time left. I’ve got all kinds of different scenarios.”"

So, JD sees a scenario in which Dwayne Bowe is with the team in 2015. He also see one in which DBowe is not. I’m sure Dorsey has the same scenario projection for each of his free agents: Center Rodney Hudson included. However, he’s made it perfectly clear there is no scenario in which Justin Houston is not a Chief in 2015.

So, he’s got an overall plan.

I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist and in this case I believe the purpose for Dorsey giving Bowe such high praise is not just to do it… which he might have you believe… but because he doesn’t want anyone to think of the Chiefs as having a hole in their roster… in this case that hole would be at wide receiver. And WHY would Dorsey do this? To impair anyone’s perceptions of what the team needs… more specifically to obscure their opinion that the Chiefs will go one way or the other come draft day pick #18.

Right now, Dorsey seems to be focused on the plan that will fix the wide receiver problem… while simultaneously attempting to be stealth in his approach. As if meeting with DGB is business as usual. Now, if you are someone who didn’t know the Chiefs had a problem with their WRs in 2014, I’m sorry but I won’t be taking the time and space to explain it to you here. Just access any and all other sports web sites that cover the NFL and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

A meeting between John Dorsey and Dorial Green-Beckham is a good place to start and I for one will not be tremendously disappointed if the Chiefs decide Green-Beckham would look good in red and gold come draft day weekend.

I would be more thrilled if they could get him in the second round, which is where some are projecting Green-Beckham will be selected.

Friday was the designated day for pinching and squeezing the flesh of any Tight End or Offensive Lineman who is interested in being drafted at the end of April. So, let’s take a look at the Combine tape.

Tight Ends

I’m majorly unimpressed with this year’s crop of tight ends as a group. There are individuals who could be great selections later in the draft. Out of South Alabama, TE Wes Saxton, who goes 6-3 ⅜ and 248 lbs. is someone who stands out among this year’s group and yet he seems to be stuck in the middle of a lot of evaluator’s lists. He made a great catch over his shoulder on a long ball, a fingertip affair on a ball that was headed to the ground and he lifted it up like he was repotting an orchid. While speed guys usually do impress me more than they should, Saxton’s first 40 time of 4.56 looked terrific. Rob Rang of CBS Sports says of Saxton that he has, “… rare speed for a player of his size and making him a legitimate match up nightmare.” Hmm, a legitimate match-up nightmare? I get visions of DGB and Bowe and Kelce and Saxton lining up in the Red Zone with Alex Smith throwing the ball straight up in the air almost like a jump ball in basketball. The odds and the Gods are with us. And what do the Chiefs have to give for this vision to come true? Well, if DGB could somehow be had in the second and Saxton could be had in the 4th or 5th. Wow.

In any event I’m hoping the Chiefs don’t spend a draft pick on a TE in the first three rounds. Especially when a guy like Saxton is out there to be had on day three.

Offensive Linemen

I came into the NFL Combine Week with a bias towards G Laken Tomlinson and now… I like him even more. I was impressed with his overall day on Friday. NFL Network shared tape of Tomlinson in practice at the Senior Bowl against DT Danny Shelton who will probably be a top ten pick in this years draft and Tomlinson handled him well every single time.

You may have heard me talk about Rodney Hudson’s quick feet when he was at the combine before and while Laken Tomlinson has good feet they’re not quite as good as Hudson’s but, good enough to mention. While Laken could be had in the second round, if the Chiefs were to draft him 18th and groom him to be their Zack Martin of this year’s draft, it’s a move I would support.

Personality wise… I can see the Chiefs selecting Tomlinson while Dorial Green-Beckham seems a longer shot.

OT Ereck Flowers out of Miami had a dominant day on Friday. His 37 bench press reps of 225 lbs. is excellent and no it’s not 44 reps like Dontari Poe but 37 is amazing in any event.

OT La’el Collins did a great job kick sliding which is a critical skill for an offensive tackle needing to shadow a DE who is trying to take his QBs head off. Collins is one of my target prospects, meaning, if he’s still there at #18, the Chiefs should run the card to the podium. Collins did his fair share of shining on Friday and NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah called him, “The best in show.”

OT Jake Fisher was superior in the mirror-rabbit drill. The defender could only fake loose from him once but Fisher corrected immediately and was incredibly smooth throughout. Incredibly smooth. NFL Network Shaun O’Hara said Fisher “Looked really polished.” I wouldn’t disagree with that assessment one tittle.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network has T.J. Clemmings and Andrus Peat as the #1 and #2 offensive tackles in this years draft but I’m not with him on that at all. Andrus Peat looks and sounds like he’s struggling in everything he does. There are times that he looks like the guy who just ran into the stadium with one half mile to go at the end of a marathon run. Clemmings may have some upside but the Chiefs need a player who can step in and make things happen right away and I’d take both La’el Collins and Cedric Ogbuehi ahead of Mayock’s prime suspects.

To be fair to T.J. Clemmings, he’s a huge strong man’s man with some big skills but he’s only been playing on the offensive side of the ball the past two seasons. He could eventually become a LT and that might be great for the Chiefs who have a LT who’s still unproven. Collins is a player who could slip inside and perform well at OG but Clemmings is strictly a tackle but one who’s still needs to be coached up as well as someone who needs to gain some important playing time experience.

6-5, 307 OT D.J. Humphries has fluid hips, quick feet, is a natural athlete and has a very fast reaction time. He has a future in the NFL for sure and I’d give him  second round grade with the possibility of moving into the first by the time the draft rolls around.

Running Backs, Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers step up today at the combine. The WR offensive playmaker that the Chiefs pick in this draft will most certainly be on the field in Indianapolis today. It should be an exciting day for Chief fans at the NFL Combine.

What do you think Addict fans? Have you seen someone who catches your eye? Do tell.