Open Mic Night


A good Saturday evening to all you Addicts out there.  I’m sure that all of you are right now hoping the next day passes quickly so you can watch the Pro Bowl and see your Kansas City Chiefs all stars take the field for the very last time this season.  I will probably, more than likely, watch some of the game.  After the Pro Bowl where they allowed the fans to vote on which play to call, and subsequent play went for a touchdown, and there were more than 100 points scored in the game, I kinda checked out of the Pro Bowl.  Hey though, I’m not judging.  Everyone enjoys things their own way.  That’s America, and unfortunately that means that people get to be Raiders fans as well.  Freedom has its costs…

Now the recap:

Patrick early this week recalled the many heroes the Chiefs had this season, while Lyle dug into the statistics to see just how good Eric Berry really was this year.  Adam detailed the things that the Chiefs can learn from the two teams making the trip to Dallas for the championship game, and Randy elaborated on why, and why it’s fair that Chiefs fans are never satisfied.  Finally, Double D in classic style went against the status quo and said that the Chiefs should hire Jeff Fisher.  It has been an interesting week.

So, obviously there has been a lot of dissent towards Double D’s proposition of hiring Jeff Fisher.  What I would like to know is: What coach would you take over Haley right now if given the option?  The coach could currently be employed, or retired but still able to come back.  No dead people, Missouri elected a dead guy for Governor (Mel Carnahan) when I lived there and so I’m past the voting for dead people phase in my life.   I think this is an interesting question, because really I just want to see how things play out with Haley and Friends, so I wouldn’t pick anyone.  I like Haley and think he has this team on track.

That’s all I have for tonight folks, the site is now yours.  Have a good night!