Arrowhead Adventures! Never Good Enough!



Going into 2010 the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC West five times (The AFC West was formed in 1970). Five times in a little over thirty years. Thats 17% of the time.

So with a 17% success rate I think its fair to say damn few of us felt the 2010 season would be one of those division winning seasons. I have to say I didn’t think we would bring it home.

If memory serves, the AA banter over the months leading up to opening day regarding our win loss record was averaging 4 to 5 wins. A couple of us tossed out 8-8, a record coming off a 4 win season that seemed like real progress. Understandable projections when I think back to the slow burns I felt in my nearly empty Arrowhead  sections in 2008 and 2009.

So after the post season loss to the Ravens, I plunked down a twenty at my local Gordmans for a “Kansas City Chiefs Division Champs” t-shirt and then  headed to the gym for some weight training . I was surprised to hear negative comments about the 2010 season in KC.

“We collapsed in the second half” they told me. “I’m not sold on the QB” I was informed.  “We need another wide reciver!” , I heard during my preacher curls.

Well to all this I responded with  a casual “what ev”.

If I was a betting man, I’d guess if we beat the Raven’s but lost to the Steelers,  the “collapse” would have been one of the worst  in NFL history according to my gym buds. If we pulled off a Steelers win but left it in the locker room in Dallas,  well you guessed it, I’d bet my office mates would shake their heads in disgust as I walked to my cubicle sporting my Chiefs puffy stadium coat and matching thermal mug.

Only a Superbowl win would have been enough. Only a decisive win in Dallas would disperse the dark clouds casually floating above Arrowhead Stadium. quiet arrowhead

And honestly, I’m not sure there is anything wrong with that.

Sure the quarterback we weren’t sure about will soon by on a jet to the Hawaii. Yes, our wide reciever set several team records after he sat out several team games the year before.  I’m well aware our running back team up proved to be one of the most productive and exciting running games in the league.

But they did kind of, well stop playing at the level performed earlier in the season.

Well most of earlier in the season.

My mind has a way of erasing the agonizing losses to the Raiders and the Broncos.

And we beat the Bills in overtime to wrap up one of the most exciting games I have seen at Arrowhead in years……against the worst team in the league.

So what does this all mean? Well I guess it means we had some failures on the way to a Division win, a title that in my opinion, should not be taken lightly.

But the money these guys get requires a return on investment, which  should be in the form of steady improvement , and consistency.

Sure we are a young team with young talent. An excuse still serviceable for the 2010 season.

Next year…….well next year I won’t be using it anymore. Hopefully it won’t be an issue. If we play at all.