Paddy’s Pot Of Gold: The 2010 Chiefs Had Many Heroes


I was sitting at home on a lazy Saturday evening watching the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs year in review video at when something occurred to me.

The Chiefs really are being built the right way.

This may not come as a big surprise to any of you as the team just had it’s biggest single season turnaround in franchise history but for me, it is the way the team turned things around that mattered.

There are a lot of doubts surrounding the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs. While everyone is happy that the team was once again competitive, the fact that KC had such an easy schedule has led many a Chiefs fan to wonder just how good the 2010 team was.

As I watched the 2010 highlight video, I was struck by just how many heroes came to the rescue for the Chiefs last season. You see, good teams always seem to have an endless supply of players that step up and come through when the team needs them.

Just off the top of my head I can think of multiple Chiefs players who were instrumental in key victories throughout the season.

Let’s take a look back:

Win 1 (Chargers): Dexter’s punt return, Moeaki’s TD catch, Jamaal’s long run, DJ’s forced fumble

Win 2 (Browns): Flowers’ pick, Succop’s 3 FG’s

Win 3 (49ers): McCluster’s big catch and run, Cassel to Bowe on the trick play, Another Flowers pick

Win 4 (Jags): Cassel to Bowe for six X2, Berry’s first pick, one for DJ too

Win 5 (Bills): 177 yards for Charles, Cassel’s OT drive, Succops game winning FG, pick for Berry, 1.5 sacks for Tamba

Win 6 (Cards): 2 TD’s for Cassel, 2 for Jones, sacks for Arenas and Demorrio

Win 7 (Seahawks): 4 TD’s for Cassel, 173 yards and a TD for Charles, 3 TD’s for Bowe and picks for Lewis and Daniels

Win 8 (Broncos): Pope with KC’s only TD, The D holding the Broncos to 6 points, Arenas with 2 sacks

Win 9 (Rams): Charles with 126 yards, Cassel’s gutsy comeback, Lewis with 2 picks, DJ’s 13 tackles, 4 PD’s

Win 10 (Titans): 314 yards, 3 TD’s for Cassel, 153 yards and a TD for Bowe, pick for Carr, pick 6 for Berry

Looking at the above names you can see that while there were certainly repeat offenders, the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs almost always had different players stepping up and making big plays to help the team win. This is a very good sign as the Chiefs look to continue building their roster this offseason.

It takes a team to win in the NFL and it looks like the Chiefs are well on their way.