Open Mic Night


Ladies, and gents:

Here it is, your Saturday night Open Mic Night at your favorite Chiefs blog on the internet!  I just read that the Chiefs have an opening for an equipment manager, and I have to say on a football team, that would probably be the best spot for someone like me.  I’ve never been that good at running, or jumping, or catching, or lifting weights, or getting hit, or hitting people, or well you get the idea.  I can however manage the shit out of some equipment.  I’ll have to get my resume together from high school.  It includes managing the equipment for the football team, basketball team, hockey team, lacrosse team, and chess team.  Lots of pieces in chess to keep track of.

Enough fun at my expense, like I said last night we have covered a lot of ground at AA here this week.  Paddy started off by looking at the schedules for the AFC West teams this year, and Lyle put a memo out to the Chiefs to remind them that defense wins championships.  Double D posted the end of year (or posthumous) DVOA rankings for the 2010 Chiefs, and Adam stated the reasons why the Chiefs desperately need free agency this year.  Finally, my boy Randy closed out the week with his Arrowhead Adventures around his Super Bowl thoughts focusing on the teams that have never won, and teams that have never even been.  Personally I’d like the streak for the Chiefs to stop at 41 years without a Super Bowl appearance.  I know I’m not alone here.

So Addicts?  What’s on your minds this evening?  Open Mic Night is exactly that, so you can talk about whatever you want.  I do have one request though.  I would like for each comment to end with (or just post your favorite if you don’t have anything else to comment on) a “Yo Mama So Fat” joke*.  What can I say, I’m just in that kind of mood.  A gold star for the WORST one posted.  I am an even bigger fan of bad jokes.

Yo Mama so fat, when she walks down the street people say, “Damn, you fat!”

That’s the kind of cheese I’m looking for…

*No offense meant to people with fat mothers. Fat bottom girls make the rockin’ world go round.