Chiefs Equipment Manager To Retire


The Kansas City Chiefs receive a high amount of loyalty from their fans but it looks as thought they also get some from their employees.

After 22 years, Chiefs equipment manager Mike Davidson is retiring. Davidson has been with the team since 1989. That means Davidson worked under Marty Schottenheimer , Gunther Cunningham , Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards and Todd Haley.

Talk about a wide range of personalities!

Mike is one of those people who has a job with the Chiefs that you never really hear about. I always just assume that with each regime change, most all of the staff changes too but then you have guys like Mike, who have been with the organization for years.

From a fan perspective at least, being an equipment manager for a pro teams seems like a pretty cool job. It certainly has to be a good gig for someone who is super organized and loves sports.

Josh Looney has a really fantastic write up about Davidson over at It is the perfect weekend read so check it out.