Arrowhead Adventures! Superbowl Thoughts!


There are 14 NFL teams that have never won a Superbowl. Below are 10 teams that did have made the big game but failed to win it.

1. Minnesota Vikings (tied for the biggest losers, they have  been four times). Great choice for a team Jared! (ok I need to get over it).

2. Buffalo Bills (lost four in a row). Unreal how can they live with themselves?

3. Cincinnatti Bengals (lost twice).

4. Philadelphia Eagles (lost twice). Therefore Carl Peterson felt we needed to bring half their former players and coaching staff from the 1981 team to KC). Ron Jaworski, Herm Edwards, (even Wilbert Montgomery if memory serves). Think of any more? By the way,  anyone know who delivered the motivational speech before the 81 team took the field? I do! Don Rickels! They never had a chance!

5. San Diego Chargers have been once, in 1995 and lost. (The History of this team worries me folks. I don’t want the Chiefs to be regular division winners, and regular post season losers. ) We aren’t regular losers yet I don’t think.

6. Atlanta Falcons went once and lost. (Tony, your ring fingers is gonna remain empty I’m afraid).

7. Tennessee Titans got to go one time and blew it.

8. Carolina Panthers, one time appearance, one time losers.

9. Seattle Seahawks appeared once and lost it in 2006.

10. Arizona Cardinals appeared once of course and lost.  Coach Haley bailed, our gain their loss.

Four Teams have never even made an appearance!

The four losers are the Browns, the Lions, the Texans, and the Jags. The Texans and Jags are newer teams, kind of an excuse. The Browns and Lions, extremely difficult to live with that record I would imagine.

As of 2008, it was six. Arizona and New Orleans finally made the big show.

As the Superbowl goes, I think Kansas City has an awesome history, two appearances, one win, with teams that were not only two of the best in Chiefs history, but NFL history as well.

Is it better to have not been back to the Superbowl in 30 years, or to lose four times like the Vikings and Bills, even worse the Bills four times in a row? I don’t know. What do you think?

Still, if memory serves , every team in our division, (including when the Seahawks were in our division) has been to the show fairly recently (Correct me if I’m wrong AA’rs). So bottom line….it’s time to nut up or shut up. It’s time the Kansas City Chiefs recaptured the ulitmate NFL title.  Still, we are in much better shape than some…..

"Fun Fact!Twenty one points is the magic number for the Kansas City Chiefs defense. The team entered 2009 with 56 wins in the last 66 games at Arrowhead in which it allowed 21 points or fewer. How does the record extend through 2010?!"

This weekend your Arrowhead Adventurer will be sitting at my friends house watching and rooting four the Green Bay Packers, a team I think we can closely identify with fan wise and also venue size. Check the staff picks, I’m falling behind I believe. I hope to correct that this weekend.

See you next week!