Slotting KC Chiefs players in their proper Taylor Swift 'Era'

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Cincinnati, OH
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Cincinnati, OH / Taylor Hill/TAS23/GettyImages

A number of globally-renowned artists and bands have populated Arrowhead Stadium in recent years, including the likes of U2, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, and Ed Sheeran. However, there is no star that shines quite as bright as Taylor Swift.

Swift is set to overtake Arrowhead again this weekend, something she's done twice before—once in 2011 for her Speak Now Tour and again in 2018 for her Reputation Tour. While concerts at Arrowhead are common, Swift’s presence is not, with just the 3 appearances in the last 12 years.

In honor of T-Swift’s return to K.C., we’re going to slot some Kansas City Chiefs players in the specific Taylor Swift “Era” they’re in.

Taylor Swift (2006) - Felix Anudike-Uzomah is in his “Taylor Swift Era." Much like Swift did with her debut album, Uzomah is new on the scene in Kansas City while also being “the girl next door” having gone to Kansas State. 

Fearless (2008) - Justin Reid is in his “Fearless Era." Following her debut album, fans expected more from Swift. Reid also has high expectations for his time in K.C. after spending his first 4 years as a bright spot on a bad Texans team.

Speak Now (2010) - Patrick Mahomes is in his “Speak Now Era." As Swift was lambasted by the media and doubted, she showed up with an album that still defines her. Much like Swift, Mahomes stepped up after losing Tyreek Hill and proved the critics wrong.  

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Red (2012) - Travis Kelce is in his “Red Era." With Red, Taylor began to establish herself as a true artist, not a gimmick or a one-hit-wonder. Travis Kelce has done the same, moving on from childish incidents that plagued his early career to become a role model and leader of the Chiefs.

1989 (2014) - Chris Jones is in his “1989 Era." 1989 is seen as Taylor’s fun, summer album. In a similar way, Jones is the fun-loving personality of this Chiefs team, always ready to have a good time, usually at the expense of opposing quarterbacks.

Reputation (2017) - Clyde Edwards-Helaire is in his “Reputation Era." Reputation was the return of Taylor Swift after intense public backlash. Edwards-Helaire is also looking for his comeback to relevance on this Chiefs roster.  With his spot on the team on the line, CEH has something to prove.

Lover (2019) - Kadarius Toney is in his “Lover Era." Following her lack of Grammy nominations for Reputation, Taylor sought to make a better album. Much like her, Kadarius Toney sought a better situation after a tumultuous few years in New York; the end of his 2022 season has him in a situation he loves.

Folklore (2020) - Isaiah Pacheco is in his “Folklore Era”. In the Summer of 2020, Swift dropped the surprise album Folklore, embarking on a genre she had previously never come near. Similarly, Isaiah Pacheco was a surprise for the Chiefs in 2022, turning this offense on its head and showing us a running back can truly excel in Kansas City for the first time since Kareem Hunt.

Evermore (2020) - Jerick McKinnon is in his “Evermore Era”. Seen as the  “forgotten sister” of Folklore, Evermore is some of Swift’s greatest songwriting. Jerick McKinnon is typically overlooked as the lightning to Isaiah Pacheco’s thunder but he's nonetheless effective and useful in the Chiefs offense.

Midnights (2022) - Andy Reid is in his “Midnights Era”. Midnights is Swift’s tour de force, reimagining what she can do and what we are to expect from her. Similarly, Chiefs coach Andy Reid is reimagining what we expect from the Chiefs and constantly moving the needle for what Chiefs Kingdom should expect for success.

Who knows when or if Taylor Swift will visit Arrowhead Stadium again, but for now let’s hope some of Miss Americana’s magic will linger on the field throughout the upcoming 2023 NFL season in Kansas City.