Madden ’19: The most interesting Kansas City Chiefs ratings

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 8: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 8: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill /

The official Madden ’19 ratings are now out ahead of the football game’s release and there are several interesting (and confusing) Chiefs-related numbers.

Are you ready for some video game football? Madden ’19 is on the way and the official ratings have been released. The folks at EA Sports got a lot of important things right when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018. However, they also got some things wrong. Then there are some that are just plain confusing.

We’ve already covered the Patrick Mahomes Ratingsgate at length (yes, we’re calling it that), so we’ll leave it alone. Suffice it to say, we’re not happy with his overall rating compared to other quarterbacks. (No, we’re not really that upset.)

Anyway, here are the aspects of the Chiefs that we found the most interesting, confusing, upsetting or compelling, all in random order:

A confusing backfield

Everyone is confused about the back-up running back situation. Kareem Hunt is a star sophomore who already has a rushing crown to his credit after a single season in the league—only the sixth rookie to ever win the title. After that, however, is anyone’s guess.

  • Is Spencer Ware healthy?
  • Is Damien Williams really better than anyone already on the roster?
  • Can Charcandrick West stave off competition?
  • Damn, how many Williams do we even need around here?
  • Is Darrel Williams really a hidden gem?
  • Can Kerwynn find the Rainbow Connection?

Here’s how Madden handled it: “Uh, just give ’em all the same rating.” Yep. They are all 79.

  • Ware’s coming off of injury. “Give him a 79.”
  • Everyone named Williams. “Give ’em a 79.”
  • West was the scatback last year. “Give him a 79.”

Given that Kareem Hunt is an 89, it could give the Chiefs the best overall backfield in the game with so many high numbers. Then again, even the video game is like, “We have no idea how to settle the competition.”

Someone believes in David Amerson

The Chiefs brought in two primary cornerbacks this offseason to start in the secondary: Kendall Fuller and David Amerson. One came with pomp and circumstance. The other came with a one-year deal and some minor groans. Yet Madden believes they are basically the same.

When the Chiefs traded for Kendall Fuller, every NFL analyst praised the deal, the fans struck up the drum line and Fuller was welcomed to town on a red carpet. Pro Football Focus told us he was the best slot corner in the game, and Chiefs Kingdom was thrilled with the addition.

A few weeks later, David Amerson signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs, loaded with incentives, and the same fans responded with a collective shrug. Amerson was allowed to leave from the Oakland Raiders, a team with significant needs in the secondary of their own. Chiefs fans had watched Amerson turn into a promising corner, sign an extension, then wilt like a flower in autumn. The response to Amerson’s signing only got worse after the Marcus Peters trade.

Fast forward to Madden’s ratings and Kendall Fuller is an 82 overall and David Amerson is… an 80? Hey sure thing! If that turns out to be real, as in Amerson will rival Fuller in any way at all, Chiefs fans (and coaches) will be thrilled. It’s also just a bit silly.

That’s Amaro!

Who is the second-highest rated tight end on the Chiefs? It’s not Demetrius Harris. Instead, Madden ’19 is fairly high (74 overall) on Jace Amaro, the same tight end who has caught 3 passes in the last three years. Amaro missed all of 2015 with a torn labrum. He missed all of last year with a, well, nothing. No one wanted him. But he’s considered better than Harris. You know what? We don’t mind.

Mitch Morse is cursed

Someone on the Madden team hates Mitch Morse. A guy who seemed on the verge of breaking out into Pro Bowl form before an injury, Morse has been relegated to a 73 overall in Madden. A 73. Here are the other players deemed a 73:

  • Demetrius Harris, TE
  • Tyrone Holmes, ?? (Who is he and what position does he play? Do you really know?)
  • Jarvis Jenkins, DL

Here’s what’s hilarious is that T.Y. McGill, a defensive lineman who won’t make the team (sorry), is rated 74. So is Jace Amaro, who again didn’t play last year. The Chiefs starting center? 73.

Eric Berry is amazing

We’re thrilled to see the developers at Madden keep Eric Berry at such a dominant number instead of knocking him down too much as he was once again injured. He also turns 30 this year. Despite those figures, Madden kept it real by keeping Berry as the top rated player on the team at 96 overall.

Take a look at all of the ratings here and let us know what you think they got right or wrong.