Madden ’19 ratings: Patrick Mahomes reportedly given 77 overall rating

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes /

If the latest leaked Madden ratings are true, Patrick Mahomes is lining up to be a fairly mediocre quarterback in the popular video game series.

Last spring, the Kansas City Chiefs traded up from the No. 27 overall spot in the first round to No. 10 for the chance to take the next… Andy Dalton? In fact, they didn’t even land a guy as good as Josh McCown overall (the same McCown who is 58 or so), Joe Flacco or Teddy Bridgewater, who can’t even play.

Let me explain.

The latest Madden ’19 ratings are reportedly leaking out and Patrick Mahomes doesn’t look good. In fact, this year’s second-tier rookies are receiving a higher overall rating than Mahomes. Check out the list below:

Let’s break this down for a second. Patrick Mahomes won his only start playing with second stringers against the majority of the starting Broncos defense on the road. He also has a cannon for an arm and enough talent to send Alex Smith packing despite averaging double digit wins every year for the Chiefs for the last half-decade. Everyone who has seen him spins their head around like a Pee Wee’s Playhouse prop and raves about his athleticism and make-up.

Unfortunately this year’s Madden game has decided that he’s worse than the NFL’s most mediocre of mediocre. Let’s take a closer look at the quarterbacks who are deemed equal or better:

  • Lamar Jackson – We’re not even sure if this guy can play quarterback in the NFL. The talk of the last few months has been about whether the doubters are right about his pro future at one position or another, but suddenly he’s a better overall pro quarterback than Mahomes. And this is the least egregious of the errors.
  • Ryan Tannehill – The Miami Dolphins are this close to allowing Tannehill to move on and start all over at the quarterback position despite investing a first round choice in Tannehill, but somehow he’s still better than Mahomes. This despite the fact that in real life, Adam Gase would sacrifice a Bob Griese rookie card and half his salary for the chance to coach Mahomes instead.
  • Teddy Bridgewater – Look, I like Teddy. I like him a lot, actually. But he is the INJURED THIRD STRING QUARTERBACK FOR A TEAM WITH LESS LIFE THAN THE HALF POSSUM CARCASS I PASSED ON THE WAY HOME TODAY. I give up.
  • Josh McCown – Old. Older than old. Fine but old. McCown’s so old, his overall rating likely refers to his denim pants with built-in suspenders. Like real overalls.
  • Joe Flacco – Really? When I prepare the bath for my toddler, I make sure the water is warm but certainly not too hot since he’s, you know, so little. It’s just warm enough for him, but I would hate it (because I take blisteringly hot showers). That disgusting tepid water is Joe Flacco. Tepid water is better, a couple points better even, than Patrick Mahomes.

Look I know these are video game ratings, and even then they could be wrong because this is all leaked and unofficial and all of that. But Chiefs fans will wait a full year and spend good money to be able to play as their favorite team, and the Madden ratings have basically soured that experience and said, “You have a rookie with Matt Cassel ratings.”

At this point, I’m going to make a Tyler Thigpen clone and at least replay what might have been.

This is stupid.