Jamaal Charles vs Kareem Hunt: Comparing the greats

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How does Kareem Hunt stack up to Jamaal Charles through their first three starts in the NFL?

It’s no secret to anybody that Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt is on a tear and is proving himself to be among the best in the league, game after game. So much uncertainty existed around the team’s running back position coming into the season, yet Hunt has made us all forget about former Chief Jamaal Charles. Let’s look at the two and see  how they stack up.

Before I get too far off the ground with this, I want to lay out the only rule  I set for myself. I will not be directly comparing the two career starts of Charles and Hunt as that is just unfair to Charles. I will explain this in more detail in just a moment. Let us begin.

Jamaal Charles

Charles entered the NFL in the 2008 draft. He came in behind incumbent starter Larry Johnson and thus did not see the field in a starting capacity until the 2010 season. This is where I will pull my numbers for his career start. Since we are only three games into the season, I will give you the numbers for Charles for the first three games of the 2010 season.

Game 1 – September 13, 2010. Chargers at Chiefs

In a 21-14 win over the Chargers, the Chiefs opened their second season under general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley with a resounding win. The Chiefs scored 14 unanswered points in the second quarter and shut the Chargers out for the whole second half. Charles finished this game with a stat line of 11 carries for 92 yards and one lone score.

Game 2 – September 19, 2010. Chiefs at Browns

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In a very ugly game, the Chiefs held on and won 16-14 over the Cleveland Browns led by head coach Eric Mangini. Charles, just like the rest of the team, did not have the greatest game ever. He finished that game with 11 carries for 49 yards.

Game 4 – September 26, 2010. 49ers at Chiefs

The San Francisco 49ers came to Arrowhead that day to be sent right back home with a 31-10 beatdown handed to them by an on fire quarterback named Matt Cassel. Charles in this game totalled 12 carries for 97 yards.

Charles’ first three games as the full time starter totals 34 rushes for 238 yards and one touchdown. Perhaps not the best way to start a full time starting season, but that was also a different time.

Kareem Hunt

Game 1 – September 7, 2017. Chiefs at Patriots

The Chiefs walked into Gillette Stadium that fateful night with a few in the Kingdom hoping for a win. Some sat back and were ready to watch a supposed incoming loss. That was not the case at all. The very first carry of his career ended unceremoniously. Hunt had the ball stripped from him in what would be ruled a fumble, yet he showed us what it looks like to never give up. He took the field thereafter and lit up the scoreboard. Ending the game with 17 rushes for 148 yards and one score, Hunt more than redeemed himself. The game ended with the Patriots retreating, tails between their legs, from a 42-27 loss.

Game 2 – September 17, 2017. Eagles at Chiefs

The Philadelphia Eagles came to town 10 days later. Headed up by former Chiefs offensive coordinator, Doug Pedersen, it was shaping up to be a good one. The Chiefs and Hunt did not fail to deliver a thriller as they clipped the Eagles’ wings to the tune of a 27-20 loss. Hunt played a crucial role in this victory, adding 13 carries, 81 yards, and two touchdowns to his numbers.

Game 3 – September 24, 2017. Chiefs at Chargers

This most recent game, the first division matchup, turned out to be a real treat to watch, featuring the newly minted Los Angeles Chargers playing in their undersized stadium. Unfortunately for L.A., they were facing a team that was as hot and bright as the red and gold on their uniforms. Hunt did not fail us this game either. Tallying 17 carries, 172 yards and a touchdown, Hunt again played a big role in the 24-10 dismantling of the Chargers.

Comparatively, Hunt’s first three games as a full time starter we get a very impressive 47 rushes, 401 yards, and four touchdowns. It’s no secret by now, Hunt is on fire! The numbers show Hunt, in his first three games starting full time vs the same set for Charles, is blowing his figurative opponent out of the water.

What do you think Addicts? Like Charles, Hunt shows an incredible ability to break the game wide open and run up the score. Will Hunt end up being better than Charles? Thanks for reading and Go Chiefs!