Nick Foles will sign 2-year contract with Philadelphia Eagles


Nick Foles has returned to the Philadelphia Eagles on a two-year deal that creates a bit of a quarterback conundrum for all involved.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a bit of a quarterback conundrum. Not only is Carson Wentz clearly the lead dog on the roster and the franchise quarterback of the present and the future, but they have a few back-ups to deal with now that they’ve reportedly signed Nick Foles to a two-year agreement.

Foles played last season with the Kansas City Chiefs and the team decided against bringing him back for a second season due to salary cap constraints. It was believed Foles could compete for a chance to start again given his career record of 20-16, his nice performance in a small sample size last season and his relative youth. However, his signing with the Eagles leaves him clearly in a back-up role.

Even more of a surprise is what the Eagles will do now about Chase Daniel. Rumors were swirling earlier in free agency that the Eagles had tried to trade Daniel to no avail. Now that teams know they have zero leverage given the glut at quarterback, will anyone really give up anything of value knowing that Daniel could easily be released? After all, the Eagles can hardly afford to keep all three quarterbacks, especially when Daniel is averaging $7 million per season  for what would be the third spot on the depth chart.

Early rumors also said the Chicago Bears could be interested in Daniel. That could still be true if he were willing to sit behind Mike Glennon, but the Bears have also been rumored to go with a rookie in the draft and Glennon as the top combo on the depth chart. Former Chiefs wide receivers coach David Culley is now quarterbacks coach with the Bills, so there’s some familiarity there in Buffalo with Daniel, if the team is interested. Perhaps even a return to New Orleans could be in the books, depending on what the Saints would want to do behind Drew Brees.

For now, the Eagles have a weird situation with zero leverage with other general managers—unless their plan is just to dump Daniel to the open market. That’s a bit odd considering it’s $7 million in dead money, a lot of money to switch back-up veteran quarterbacks.