NFL Rankings: Regular season wrapup

Jan 3, 2016; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Spencer Ware (32) runs in for a touchdown as Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Dan Williams (90) misses the tackle during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 3, 2016; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Spencer Ware (32) runs in for a touchdown as Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Dan Williams (90) misses the tackle during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

With the regular season in the books, it’s time to wrap up our weekly NFL rankings.  I could continue on through the playoffs…but what’s the point of that?  We already know who comes out on top simply based on who wins or loses.  But not to worry, the end of my NFL rankings articles means the start of my offseason articles.  And let me tell you, I am excited for that.

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As for the rankings for this week, there wasn’t a whole lot of change from last week.  A lot of expected outcomes led to most teams simply falling into place rather than making huge moves up and down the board.  There were a couple of big movers though.  The San Francisco 49ers made the biggest jump by moving up four spots.  Of course, it’s arguable whether or not there is anything good to be taken from that as their final win also moved them out of a top five pick in the 2016 draft.  On the other end, the New York Jets took a big tumble by falling six spots in the rankings.  That move, of course, reflects them falling out of the playoffs by losing to the Bills and Rex Ryan.

The Chiefs stood pat at the fifth spot this week.  They are currently riding the hottest streak in the NFL with 10 straight wins, but it’s hard to justify putting them above any of the teams in the top four.  As it stands, there will be plenty of Denver fans who take exception to KC being ranked a spot ahead of the Broncos.  Too bad.

Here’s how the rest of the rankings played out…

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Panthers+12W 38-10 vs TBW1That’s a great way to get some momentum back for the playoffs.15-1
2.Cardinals-11L 6-36 vs SEAL1Some will say they mailed this one in…but it’s still a bad loss to end on.13-3
3.Bengals+14W 24-16 vs BALW1So what happens if Dalton loses in the playoffs?12-4
4.Patriots+13L 10-20 vs MIAL2Injuries definitely caught up to the Pats, but they should get healthy over their BYE.12-4
5.Chiefs —5W 23-17 vs OAKW10The Chiefs go into the playoffs with the longest winning streak in the NFL.11-5
6.Broncos —6W 27-20 vs SDW2They have a BYE week, but is anybody really worried about playing this team?12-4
7.Vikings+18W 20-13 vs GBW3The Vikes look to be a dangerous team over the next few years.11-5
8.Steelers+210W 28-12 vs CLEW1The Steelers look to be a tough out in the playoffs.10-6
9.Seahawks+211W 36-6 vs ARIW1That’s a big win with the playoffs coming up.10-6
10.Texans+212W 30-6 vs JAXW3The Texans are coming into the playoffs with some good momentum.9-7
11.Redskins+213W 34-23 vs DALW4The Redskins are quietly one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now.9-7
12.Packers+39L 13-20 vs MINL2Who would’ve ever thought the Packers problem would be on offense?10-6
13.Jets-67L 17-22 vs BUFL1They controlled their own destiny, and came up short.10-6
14.Bills14W 22-17 vs NYJW2A disappointing season ends with some retribution for Rex Ryan.8-8
15.Colts+318W 30-24 vs TENW2Now to see if the Colts can learn from their mistakes of this past season.8-8
16.Falcons-115L 17-20 vs NOL1An all around disappointing year for the Falcons.8-8
17.Raiders-116L 17-23 vs KCL1Another year of sub .500 football in Oakland…will that continue in LA?7-9
18.Rams -117L 16-19 vs SFL1It just doesn’t seem like this team will ever be more than a .500 organization.7-9
19.Lions+221W 24-20 vs CHIW3“Below average” seems like the perfect description of this franchise right now.7-9
20.Saints+323W 20-17 vs ATLW2The future of the Saints is totally dependent on what happens with Drew Brees.7-9
21.Eagles+324W 35-30 vs NYGW1The higher draft spot from losing would have been better for the organization.7-9
22.Giants-319L 30-35 vs PHIL3Just a few weeks ago the Giants controlled their fate in the playoff picture.6-10
23.Bucs-320L 10-38 vs CARL4The future of the Bucs is set with Winston, now they need to build around him.6-10
24.Bears-222L 20-24 vs DETL1There may be a talent exodus for both the roster and coaching staff this offseason.6-10
25.Dolphins+126W 20-10 vs NEW1Mike Tannenbaum is “back” in charge of football operations.  So who is his next scapegoat?6-10
26.Jaguars -125L 6-30 vs HOUL3And again, the Jags fail to take a step forward.5-11
27.49ers +431W 19-16 vs STLW1The 49ers needed as high a pick as they could get.  They failed at that too.5-11
28.Ravens-127L 16-24 vs CINL1Everyone in Baltimore was just ready for this season to be over.5-11
29.Cowboys-128L 23-34 vs WASL4Expect big changes in Dallas this offseason.  Maybe not the right changes…but big ones.4-12
30.Chargers-129L 20-27 vs DENL2Proof that you need more than just a good QB to win in the NFL.4-12
31.Browns-130L 12-28 vs PITL3A full house cleaning after another dismal year…but will things really change?3-13
32.Titans —32L 24-30 vs INDL5The Titans have their QBOTF and are picking at the top of the draft…not a terrible spot.3-13

Well, that will do it for me Addicts, and this year’s NFL rankings.  I’ll post one final rankings board after the Super Bowl to compare with my preseason predictions (boy was I wrong about a few teams).