NFL Rankings: Week 17



That’s right, the bid for an undefeated season has come to an end.  The Panthers were dropped by a fairly unlikely opponent, in the Falcons.  But that wasn’t the only big shake up at the top of the NFL Rankings this week.  In fact, there were a number of top teams that lost.  The playoff picture got a major shake up as the team “nobody wanted to face” according to the mainstream media, the Pittsburgh Steelers, were knocked off by the down and out Ravens.  And the ever dangerous Seahawks were taken down by the LA-bound(?) Rams.

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There were big moves this week as far as risers and tumblers.  The biggest jump belongs to the aforementioned Ravens who climbed out of the basement…but also out of contention for the #1 overall pick.  They jumped five spots from last week’s rankings.  On the other end, the Eagles had to be the biggest loser of the week.  Lost the division, lost all face with Chip Kelly’s lame presser, and lost a whopping eight spots in our standings.  Funny thing is…the second biggest fall belongs to fellow NFC East disappointment, the New York Giants.

The Chiefs moved up another spot this week, but are looking at a glass ceiling now with the teams ranked ahead of them.  There really just isn’t enough the Chiefs can do to jump ahead of teams that are looking at 12 and 13 win seasons.  But that doesn’t really matter anyways.  What does matter?  THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!!

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Cardinals+12W 38-8 vs GBW9Meet your Super Bowl favorites.13-2
2.Panthers-11L 13-20 vs ATLL1Everyone should be tuning in to see how they respond to a loss.14-1
3.Patriots3L 20-26 vs NYJL1There might not be any decision talked about for the next couple of weeks than that coin toss.12-3
4.Bengals4L 17-20 vs DENL1Only have themselves to blame for that.11-4
5.Chiefs+16W 17-13 vs CLEW9The Chiefs may be the hottest team in the AFC going into the playoffs.10-5
6.Broncos+39W 20-17 vs CINW1Got the win, but can’t feel good about things right now.11-4
7.Jets+310W 26-20 vs NEW5The Jets were thought to be the odd team out in the Wild Card.  Control their own destiny now.10-5
8.Vikings+311W 49-17 vs NYGW2Playing for the division next week, that win was huge.10-5
9.Packers-45L 8-38 vs ARIL1Even though they can still win the division, the Packers can’t feel good about where they are right now.10-5
10.Steelers-37L 17-20 vs BALL1Suddenly the team nobody wanted to see in the playoffs finds themselves possibly not being there.9-6
11.Seahawks-38L 17-23 vs STLL1That’s just a bad loss for the Seahawks.9-6
12.Texans12W 34-6 vs TENW2That was the kind of big win this team needed heading towards a home playoff game.8-7
13.Redskins13W 38-24 vs PHIW3The Redskins were supposed to be the bottom of the barrel in the NFC East.  Whoops.8-7
14.Bills+115W 16-6 vs DALW1Rex Ryan probably won’t get the same lattitude he had in New York with this inauspicious start.7-8
15.Falcons+419W 20-13 vs CARW2It doesn’t matter for this year’s playoffs, but it’s a spark heading into the offseason.8-7
16.Raiders+218W 23-20 vs SDW1So, loser goes to LA right?  Or maybe winner?  Both?7-8
17.Rams+320W 23-17 vs SEAW3Where has this team been?  And why bother showing up now?7-8
18.Colts+321W 18-12 vs MIAW1Technically not eliminated, but might as well be.7-8
19.Giants-514L 17-49 vs MINL2Tom Coughlin now firmly back on the hot seat.6-9
20.Buccanneers-317L 21-26 vs CHIL3Still looks like they made the right choice with that #1 pick.6-9
21.Lions+122W 32-17 vs SFW2Detroit will be disappointed in this season, but they have a lot to build on.6-9
22.Bears+123W 26-21 vs TBW1One can only hope to see this offense back and fully healthy in 2016…but that seems a long shot.6-9
23.Saints+124W 38-27 vs JAXW1Drew Brees knows the rumors.  Think of that performance as an audition.6-9
24.Eagles-816L 24-38 vs WASL2So Chip Kelly is not the GM…he just has all the authority in making personnel decisions.  Riiiiiight.6-9
25.Jaguars25L 27-38 vs NOL2Another season of wasted promise.  Jags Twitter is deafly silent right now.5-10
26.Dolphins26L 12-18 vs INDL4There is no bright side to this terrible season.5-10
27.Ravens+532W 20-17 vs PITW1A big morale win, but not much else.5-10
28.Cowboys-127L 6-16 vs BUFL3Maybe we can go a week without hearing Skip Bayliss talking up this garbage heap.4-11
29.Chargers-128L 20-23 vs OAKL1At this point, it’s just salt in the wound.4-11
30.Browns-129L 13-17 vs KCL2Big questions about who returns to this team in 2016.  Johnny Manziel and Mike Pettine at top of the list.3-12
31.49ers-130L 17-32 vs DETL3The 49ers will be glad to hit the reset button after this season.4-11
32.Titans-131L 6-34 vs HOUL4Oddly enough, this may have been the best thing for the Titans who now have a shot at #1 overall in the draft.3-12

Alright Addicts, that’ll do it for me this week.  Be sure to check in next week to see how our final regular season rankings turn out.