NFL Rankings: Week 16


Welcome to this week’s NFL rankings, Addicts.  This week features a very welcome change at the top of the board as the Broncos got bounced by the Steelers, putting the Chiefs in a position where the AFC West might just be attainable.  That, plus a few other big moves as the playoff picture took a big step forward, especially in the NFC East where the Redskins now have a game on the rest of the division.

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However, overall there was not a lot of movement from last week.  For the most part, the teams that were supposed to win, did.  When that happens, it doesn’t create a lot of room for teams to make an argument to jump up the board.  Which is also why the Redskins were able to secure such a big jump (+6) ahead of the middle of the pack.  On top of multiple teams ahead of them losing, Washington also took the division lead which definitely had to be factored in.  As far as the losers go this week, well I won’t pretend not to be smiling as I type that Denver led the way there (-5).

The Chiefs gained a spot in the rankings, jumping ahead of the Broncos.  With a recent victory over Denver, an eight game winning streak, and an impressive victory this week, there was enough on hand evidence to move KC ahead in spite of having the worse record.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Panthers1W 38-35 vs NYGW14Tough test on the road, but the Panthers answered.14-0
2.Cardinals2W 40-17 vs PHIW8The Cards will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs.12-2
3.Patriots3W 33-16 vs TENW2The Patriots will likely have homefield advantage.  Not good for rest of the AFC.12-2
4.Bengals+15W 24-14 vs SFW1A real test for the Bengals coming next week against Denver.11-3
5.Packers+16W 30-20 vs OAKW3Green Bay has bounced back nicely.10-4
6.Chiefs+17W 34-13 vs BALW8Closing out the season strong is a good thing for playoff football.9-5
7.Steelers+29W 34-27 vs DENW3That was the last real test for the Steelers.  Should waltz into the playoffs now.9-5
8.Seahawks8W 30-13 vs CLEW5Seattle is peaking at the right time.9-5
9.Broncos-54L 27-34 vs PITL2Two tough losses in a row are not good news with Cincy looming.10-4
10.Jets10W 19-16 vs DALW4The Jets know they have to win every game to stay in contention.9-5
11.Vikings11W 38-17 vs CHIW1Minnesota can be dangerous in the postseason.9-5
12.Texans+315W 16-10 vs INDW1Big win, but who will be leading this team if they make the postseason?7-7
13.Redskins+619W 35-25 vs BUFW2Suddenly the Redskins control their own destiny.7-7
14.Giants-212L 35-38 vs CARL1The NFC East might have just slipped away along with any composure OBJ had.6-8
15.Bills-213L 25-35 vs WASL2Things fell apart pretty quickly for Rex and company.6-8
16.Eagles-214L 17-40 vs ARIL1The Eagles had looked to be gaining momentum in the division, but that was short-lived.6-8
17.Buccanneers-116L 23-31 vs STLL2The Bucs playoff hopes are gone, but their future hopes are still bright.6-8
18.Raiders-117L 20-30 vs GBL113 seasons without a winning record.6-8
19.Falcons+120W 23-17 vs JAXW1Too little, too late?7-7
20.Rams+121W 31-23 vs TBW2The Rams suddenly discover offense.6-8
21.Colts-318L 10-16 vs HOUL3The Colts had a chance to put away the division and choked.6-8
22.Lions+527W 35-27 vs NOW1They get a win, but this team is still very poorly managed.5-9
23.Bears-122L 17-38 vs MINL3The Bears are starting to play like we expected them to…bad.5-9
24.Saints-123L 27-35 vs DETL1Rumors say Sean Payton might be gone after this year.5-9
25.Jaguars-124L 17-23 vs ATLL1The Jags remain the ultimate “just wait til next year” team.5-9
26.Dolphins-125L 14-30 vs SDL3This is what they paid Suh all that money for?5-9
27.Cowboys-126L 16-19 vs NYJL2Well, that was fun.4-10
28.Chargers+432W 30-14 vs MIAW1One last hurrah for the Chargers fans…many of whom were probably at their first game.4-10
29.Browns-128L 13-30 vs CLEL1There needs to be some big changes in Cleveland.3-11
30.49ers-129L 14-24 vs CINL2So…Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch?4-10
31.Titans-130L 13-34 vs NEL2There is some talent to work with for whoever takes over this head coaching gig.3-11
32.Ravens-131L 14-34 vs KCL3The state of the franchise isn’t as bad as this one year.  Kind of unfair for this front office to get such a high pick.4-10

Well, that does it for me Addicts.  Check back next week to see who is ending up where as we approach the conclusion of the 2015 season.