NFL Rankings: Week 15


The NFL playoff picture continues to take shape as a couple more teams clinch their spot while another group is officially eliminated.  The weekly NFL rankings continue to flux as a season that has seen a lot of confusion is finally starting to wrap up.  There are changes from last week’s rankings at both the top and bottom of the chart, but the top ten largely stayed the same.  A big reason for the top ten not changing so much is the lack of a “middle of the pack”.  There is currently no team in the NFL sitting at 7-6.  No team is currently sitting one game over .500.  The disparity between the good teams and the bad teams is pretty striking at this point.

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For the teams that did move around, our top climbers this week are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns who both made a jump at the bottom of the rankings with the other teams in the bottom pretty much all losing.  The Jags are, amazingly enough, still very much alive in the AFC South while the Browns are in competition for the top draft spot.  On the other end of things, the biggest tumble this week belongs to the Miami Dolphins who fell three spots.  The Fins have been a disappointment this season to most, and another loss to a team that isn’t very good sends them falling down the rankings yet again.

There was no movement for the Chiefs this week.  Though they won, so did the teams around them.  And as much as I would like to, I couldn’t justify moving them ahead of a 9 or 10 win team.  There are some key matchups coming over the next couple of weeks, so expect there to be some movement with that.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Panthers1W 38-0 vs ATLW13Yup…trap game.13-0
2.Cardinals+13W 23-20 vs MINW7This team has all the ingredients of a Super Bowl winner.11-2
3.Patriots+25W 27-6 vs MIAW1The Pats are getting healthy just in time for the playoffs.11-2
4.Broncos-22L 12-15 vs OAKL1The lack of offense finally caught up to Denver.10-3
5.Bengals-14L 33-20 vs PITL1The Bengals are dinged up at the worst possible time.10-3
6.Packers6W 28-7 vs DALW2The Packers are back on the right track.9-4
7.Chiefs7W 10-3 vs SDW7And to think that this team was “done” back in Week 6.8-5
8.Seahawks8W 35-6 vs BALW4Wins don’t get much more one-sided than that.8-5
9.Steelers+110W 33-20 vs CINW2Steelers may end up winning their division…8-5
10.Jets-19W 30-8 vs TENW3Ryan Fitzpatrick is making the case to keep his job in 2016.8-5
11.Vikings11L 20-23 vs ARIL2Not a good time to go into a slump.8-5
12.Giants+315W 31-42 vs MIAW1Somehow the Giants remain at the top of the NFC East.6-7
13.Bills-112L 20-23 vs PHIL1That will pretty much close the doors on the Bills playoff hopes.6-7
14.Eagles+317W 23-20 vs BUFW2Since “quitting” on Chip Kelly, Eagles are 2-0.6-7
15.Texans-213L 6-27 vs NEL2The race for the AFC South between the Texans and Colts is both amazing and sad.6-7
16.Buccanneers-214L 17-24 vs NOL1That loss will be tough to overcome in a tight playoff race.6-7
17.Raiders+219W 15-12 vs DENW1Jack Del Rio may have saved his job with that win.6-7
18.Colts-216L 16-51 vs JAXL2Smh…your  likely AFC South champs.6-7
19.Redskins+221W 24-21 vs CHIW1The Skins aren’t done yet.6-7
20.Falcons-218L 0-38 vs CARL6The biggest scare for the Falcons is that things are only getting worse right now.6-7
21.Rams+223W 21-14 vs DETW1They won, but nothing looks fixed for this team.5-8
22.Bears-220L 21-24 vs WASL2The Bears are pretty much out of it…time to figure out how to save this team in the offseason.5-8
23.Saints+225W 24-17 vs TBW1Saints are still trying out there, but I’m not sure why.5-8
24.Jaguars+428W 51-16 vs INDW1Jags hanging tight in the AFC South race…wait, what?5-8
25.Dolphins-322L 24-31 vs NYGL2The Dolphins really do have too much talent to be this bad.5-8
26.Cowboys-224L 7-28 vs GBL1The Cowboys are bringing up the rear in the worst division in the NFC.4-9
27.Lions-126L 14-21 vs STLL2Jim Caldwell looked upset…or confused…or happy?  I don’t know, it’s all the same expression.4-9
28.Browns+432W 24-10 vs SFW1Everything good that happens for Johnny Manziel is bad for Mike Pettine.3-10
29.49ers-227L 10-24 vs CLEL1The 49ers are just counting the days until this season is over.4-9
30.Titans-129L 8-30 vs NYJL1Another high draft pick for the Titans.3-10
31.Ravens-130L 6-35 vs SEAL2Look for this front office to make some big moves in the offseason.4-9
32.Chargers-131L 3-10 vs KCL2This season can’t end fast enough for anybody involved with this organization.3-10

That’ll do it for me Addicts.  Be sure to check back in next week to see who is moving where in the NFL rankings.