NFL Rankings: Week 14


Another week, another shakeup in the NFL rankings.  This past week of action produced our first official team in the playoffs, as well as our first official team out of the playoffs.  The Panthers locked up the NFC South before they even stepped on the field thanks to the Falcons continued slide into oblivion.  Meanwhile, the Browns were just being the Browns as they became the first team eliminated from playoff contention.

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As for the rest of the league, the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins tied as our biggest climbers by both rising five spots.  Of course, that had a lot to do with the teams around them losing, and not just their own merits.  In a reverse situation, the biggest tumble belongs to the Minnesota Vikings who fell five spots after getting blown out by the Seattle Seahawks.  There were very few surprises this week, which meant most teams stayed right in the areas that we would expect them to based on last week’s rankings.

The Chiefs only climbed one spot this week, but that is largely due to the fact that it’s tough to move up once you’re in the top ten.  Kansas City has been one of the hotter teams in the league in recent weeks, which has resulted in an epic turnaround from cellar dweller to top ten and playoff contention.  With a pretty easy schedule remaining, the Chiefs should be a lock for both the playoffs and a top ten ranking at the end of the year.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Panthers1W 41-38 vs NOW12Cam Newton has all but locked up the MVP.12-0
2.Broncos+13W 17-3 vs SDW3Team is winning with Osweiler…but let’s not pretend he’s fixed that offense.10-2
3.Cardinals+14W 27-3 vs STLW6The Cards are close to wrapping up the division, but have a tough road to do it on.10-2
4.Bengals+15W 37-3 vs CLEW2Being in the same division as the Browns and Ravens just doesn’t seem fair.10-2
5.Patriots-32L 28-35 vs PHIL2Two losses in a row won’t bother the Pats much.  When this team gets healthy again, they’ll roll.10-2
6.Packers+17W 27-23 vs DETW1Too close for comfort, but comeback win may build confidence.8-4
7.Chiefs+18W 34-20 vs OAKW6Big win on the road against a division rival with playoff hopes.7-5
8.Seahawks+19W 38-7 vs MINW3That was a statement win.  This team will be tough in the playoffs.7-5
9.Jets+110W 23-20 vs NYGW2The Jets are the Kings of New York, and currently hold the final AFC Wild Card slot.7-5
10.Steelers+111W 45-10 vs INDW1The Steelers keep pace in the AFC Wild Card hunt.7-5
11.Vikings-56L 7-38 vs SEAL1That’s the kind of loss that can be tough to shake off.8-4
12.Bills+315W 30-21 vs HOUW1The Bills finally rebound.6-6
13.Texans-112L 21-30 vs BUFL1The Texans have two paths to the postseason…neither involve losing.6-6
14.Buccanneers+418W 23-19 vs ATLW1There is a lot to like about this team for the future.6-6
15.Giants-114L 20-23 vs NYJL3When the Giants look back on this year, the missed opportunities will stand out.5-7
16.Colts-313L 10-45 vs PITL1The Colts not only miss an opportunity, they get embarrassed in the process.6-6
17.Eagles+522W 35-28 vs NEW1A week after giving up on Chip Kelly, the Eagles beat what’s left of the Patriots.5-7
18.Falcons-216L 19-23 vs TBL5They fired Mike Smith for this?6-6
19.Raiders-217L 34-20 vs KCL1Raiders now looking for a miracle to salvage playoff hopes…instead get5-7
20.Bears-119L 20-26 vs SFL1The Bears are going to be really good in a year or two.5-7
21.Redskins-120L 16-19 vs DALL1The NFC East was there for the taking.5-7
22.Dolphins+527W 15-13 vs BALW1I don’t care what the scoreboard says, everybody was a loser in this one.5-7
23.Rams-221L 3-27 vs ARIL5Jeff Fisher finally admits he has no idea how to fix it.4-8
24.Cowboys+428W 19-16 vs PHIW1Somehow the Cowboys are only one game out of the division lead.4-8
25.Saints-223L 38-41 vs CARL4When nothing you do seems to matter…4-8
26.Lions-224L 23-27 vs GBL1With the season now basically over, Lions should look to future.4-8
27.49ers+330W 26-20 vs CHIW1Wow…they’re going to do it, aren’t they?  They’re going to pass on a QB in the draft for Gabbert.4-8
28.Jaguars-325L 39-42 vs TENL2Another year where the Jags were supposed to get better, but didn’t.4-8
29.Titans+231W 42-39 vs JAXW1The Titans apparently do not want the #1 overall pick.3-9
30.Ravens-426L 13-15 vs MIAL1Just not what we expect from this organization.4-8
31.Chargers-229L 3-17 vs DENL1Proof that a QB can’t do it all by himself.3-9
32.Browns32L 3-37 vs CINL7Oh my God, just frickin play Johnny already!!!2-10

Well, that’s going to do it for me Addicts.  Be sure to check in next week to see where the Chiefs stack up with the rest of the league.  We’re coming down to the end of the regular season, and there will be a number of teams getting eliminated from or earning their spot in the postseason.