NFL power rankings: Week 13


A huge week for the NFL power rankings as we saw a very big shakeup in the top 10.  The playoff picture continues to develop, and teams are giving their best efforts in hopes of locking down a spot as quickly as possible.  We just missed on having the first team clinch its playoff birth this week, but it seems likely that the Carolina Panthers will do so next week.

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Speaking of the Panthers, we are down to just one unbeaten team left in the NFL and it is the Carolina squad that absolutely nobody thought would be the last undefeated team in the league.  The New England Patriots suffered a tough loss to fall from the ranks of the unbeatens, though it took them losing almost every quality player they’ve got.  Given that, I could only drop them one spot, and really didn’t feel that they should fall below the Denver Broncos at this point.

Our biggest riser this week is the Seattle Seahawks who jumped five spots with an impressive win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Hawks have been on a bit of a roll recently and are looking like the team they’ve been the past two years.  For the biggest fallers, there is a three way tie between the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and Atlanta Falcons who all fell four spots.  The Giants have watched their hold on the division slip away, while the Bills may have just fallen out of the playoff picture, and the Falcons are simply starting to fall off the face of the earth.

The Kansas City Chiefs only jumped up one spot this week, but that is largely due to the log jam ahead of them.  It’s tough to move up in the top ten.  However, they have now taken the outright lead in the AFC wild card race.  It’s not a dominant lead, but they hold virtually all of the tie-breakers, with a chance to knock off another competitor this week against the Raiders.

Here’s how the rankings shake out…

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Panthers+12W 33-14 vs DALW11The Panthers’ defense is absolutely smothering opponents.11-0
2.Patriots-11L 24-30 vs DENL1Just too many injuries on this team.10-1
3.Broncos+14W 30-24 vs NEW2A huge win that likely means Denver takes the AFC West.9-2
4.Cardinals-13W 19-13 vs SFW5Not an impressive win, but still a win.9-2
5.Bengals+16W 31-7 vs STLW1A definitive win that should get this team back on track.9-2
6.Vikings+17W 20-10 vs ATLW1You wouldn’t be crazy to bet on the Vikes to win the NFC North.7-4
7.Packers-25L 13-17 vs CHIL1The injuries have really brought this team back to earth.7-4
8.Chiefs+19W 30-22 vs BUFW5The Chiefs continue to build momentum towards the postseason.6-5
9.Seahawks+514W 39-30 vs PITW2An impressive performance puts the Seahawks back in the picture.6-5
10.Jets+313W 38-20 vs MIAW1Nothing helps a skid like playing the Dolphins.6-5
11.Steelers-38L 30-39 vs SEAL1Not the time for the Steelers to be stumbling.6-5
12.Texans+315W 24-6 vs NOW4The Texans are suddenly legit playoff contenders.6-5
13.Colts+316W 25-12 vs TBW3Not sure how it’s possible, but Colts play better without Andrew Luck.6-5
14.Giants-410L 14-20 vs WASL2A missed chance to put the rest of the division behind them.5-6
15.Bills-411L 22-30 vs KCL2Suddenly the Bills find themselves in a very tough hole.5-6
16.Falcons-412L 10-20 vs MINL4The Falcons are watching their playoff hopes go down the drain.6-5
17.Raiders+118W 24-21 vs TENW1The Raiders are hanging on to their playoff hopes.5-6
18.Buccanneers-117L 12-25 vs INDL1The Bucs missed a chance to overtake the Falcons.5-6
19.Bears+322W 17-13 vs GBW1A big division win puts the Bears in the Wild Card hunt.5-6
20.Redskins+323W 20-14 vs NYGW1The Redskins have put themselves in a spot to win the division.5-6
21.Rams-219L 7-31 vs CINL4The Rams have to find some offense.4-7
22.Eagles-220L 14-45 vs DETL3Chip Kelly is firmly on the hot seat right now.4-7
23.Saints-221L 6-24 vs HOUL3The biggest problem with this team is that there is so much work to do.4-7
24.Lions+428W 45-14 vs PHIW3Where was this level of play at the start of the season?4-7
25.Jaguars-124L 25-31 vs SDL1Tough to say the Jags are improving when they still lose games like this.4-7
26.Ravens+127W 33-27 vs CLEW2The Ravens won the worst game of football ever played.4-7
27.Dolphins-126L 20-28 vs NYJL2The scary thing is that the front office still doesn’t understand the problem.4-7
28.Cowboys-325L 12-33 vs CARL1This team just has no sense of what it is doing right now.3-8
29.Chargers+130W 31-25 vs JAXW1Too little, too late.3-8
30.49ers-129L 13-19 vs ARIL2There is a lot of work to do in San Francisco.3-8
31.Titans31L 21-24 vs OAKL3The Titans are in a race for the top pick.2-9
32.Browns32L 27-33 vs BALL6Bruh…2-9

That’ll do it for me, Addicts.  Be sure to check back in next week to see who is moving where in the rankings.  It’s been a bit of a crazy year, and I expect it will continue as we get into some very important games.