NFL Rankings: Week 12


As we begin the stretch leading to the postseason, the NFL rankings continue to see some big time mix ups.  As we move forward, we are seeing several teams having their seasons defined.  While there isn’t any team that is technically out of the playoff picture just yet, there are a number of teams that are already teetering on the edge.  Over the next couple of weeks, we can expect several teams to have their playoff hopes officially ended, which will likely bring some stability to things around the league..  For now though, the NFL rankings continue to show some big changes week to week.

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There’s an interesting tie for the title of top riser this week with three teams jumping up four spots.  The Chiefs have certainly earned some credit for turning around their season, but the Jaguars and Saints rise this week has more to do with the teams ahead of them losing than anything they did on the field.  On the other end, the 49ers own the title of biggest drop by sliding five spots back down into the bottom of the rankings.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been on quite a run as of late.  They had fallen as far as number 26 in the rankings, but have now managed to climb their way back into the top 10 by knocking off their last four opponents.  That has placed them squarely into the thick of the playoff hunt, and Andy Reid’s team now controls their own destiny.  Win and they are in.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 20-10 vs BUFW10There was no way that Belichick was going to let a perfect season be ended by Rex Ryan10-0
2.Panthers2W 44-16 vs WASW10This team just finds ways to win…including epic blowouts.10-0
3.Cardinals+14W 34-31 vs CINW4That was a “game of the year” candidate, and the Cards ended it on the right side.8-2
4.Broncos+26W 17-15 vs CHIW1Some folks are hyping up Brock Osweiler…but they still only scored 17 points.8-2
5.Packers+38W 30-13 vs MINW1The Packers picked the perfect time to turn things around.  Huge division win.7-3
6.Bengals-15L 31-34 vs ARIL2In a nail-biter, the Bengals continue to come up short in prime time games.8-2
7.Vikings-43L 13-30 vs GBL1Still looking up to the big brother in Green Bay.7-3
8.Steelers-17BYEW2The Steelers BYE came at a great time as they saw most of the Wild Card field falter.6-4
9.Chiefs+413W 33-3 vs SDW4Chiefs have won their last 4 games by a score or 130-39…look out for KC!5-5
10.Giants+111BYEL1With the rest of the NFC East losing, this was already a productive BYE week.5-5
11.Bills-110L 10-20 vs NEL1Buffalo is going to have to find some offense after this season.5-5
12.Falcons-39L 21-24 vs INDL3There is something very wrong in Atlanta right now.6-4
13.Jets-112L 17-24 vs HOUL2The Jets have watched their playoff ticket become very much in question.5-5
14.Seahawks+317W 29-13 vs SFW1The Seahawks have rebounded well, but can that continue without Lynch?5-5
15.Texans+318W 24-17 vs NYJW3A strong win highlights a big turnaround for this team.5-5
16.Colts+319W 24-21 vs ATLW2That was the Colts best win of the season.5-5
17.Buccanneers+320W 45-17 vs PHIW2Jameis Winston looks better every week.5-5
18.Raiders-414L 16-18 vs DETL3The Raiders were in control of their own destiny.  Now another 10 loss season seems very possible.5-5
19.Rams-415L 13-16 vs BALL3The Rams were once poised for the playoffs.  Now on the outside looking in.4-6
20.Eagles-416L 17-45 vs TBL2Is Chip Kelly on the hot seat?  He should be.4-6
21.Saints+425BYEL2Firing Rob Ryan was the best use of the BYE the Saints could have had.4-6
22.Bears-121L 15-17 vs DENL1The Bears look like a team that has a strong future with John Fox.4-6
23.Redskins-122L 14-44 vs CARL1Cam Newton just threw another TD.4-6
24.Jaguars+428W 19-13 vs TENW2Those mustard orange uniforms may force any opponent into submission.4-6
25.Cowboys+126W 24-14 vs MIAW1The season is likely over for the Cowboys, but getting Romo back makes them big time spoilers.3-7
26.Dolphins-323L 14-24 vs DALL1Miami is in need of an overhaul, but it probably won’t happen.4-6
27.Ravens+229W 16-13 vs STLW1Losing Joe Flacco is just the cherry on top for this nightmare season.3-7
28.Lions+230W 18-16 vs OAKW2Back to back wins for the Lions.  Maybe giving some folks the ax was the right call.3-7
29.49ers-524L 13-29 vs SEAL1The 49ers have made it clear they are in the market for a QB in 2016.3-7
30.Chargers-327L 3-33 vs KCL6The question now may be whether LA is even willing to take this team.2-8
31.Titans31L 13-19 vs JAXL2Oddly enough, the Color Rush uniforms weren’t the ugliest thing on the field.  Horrible game.2-8
32.Browns32BYEL5The good news is they didn’t lose.2-8

Well that’s it for this week’s NFL rankings, Addicts!  This week went a long way towards shaping up the Chiefs playoff hopes, and now they control their own destiny.  Making the postseason is now a very real scenario, and KC should have a lot of momentum if the season plays out like that.