NFL Rankings: Week 11


Another week, another unbeaten falling from the ranks.  This time it was the Bengals, who had seemed to be a true juggernaut before the Texans simply put the brakes on them.  It will be interesting to see how the Bengals respond as neither the Packers or Broncos were able to recover this week, extending their losing to three and two games respectively.  As long as unbeatens keep losing, the NFL rankings are going to get a shake up at the top every week.

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Our biggest riser this week is the Washington Redskins who put an absolute hurting on the Saints.  Enough so to get Rob Ryan fired as the defensive coordinator in New Orleans.  The big tumble belongs to those very same New Orleans Saints as they were unable to stop a nosebleed, and simply could muster nothing offensively.

The Chiefs also made a big move this week.  They rose four spots after beating the Denver Broncos on the road in a one-sided affair.  You could make the argument that they should have moved up more, but it’s tough to argue they belong ahead of the teams currently listed in front of them.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 27-36 vs NYGW9The Patriots got a monkey off their back by knocking off the Giants.9-0
2.Panthers+13W 27-10 vs TENW9Looking at the Panthers remaining schedule, 16-0 seems very possible.9-0
3.Vikings+25W 30-14 vs OAKW5A convincing road win gives the Vikes some cushion in their division lead.7-2
4.Cardinals+26W 39-32 vs SEAW3That’s a big time division win on the road.7-2
5.Bengals-32L 6-10 vs HOUL1The Bengals still struggle in prime time.8-1
6.Broncos-24L 13-29 vs KCL2The Broncos were pretty much humiliated all around this week.7-2
7.Steelers+310W 30-6 vs CLEW2The Steelers have a strong grip on the AFC Wild Card.6-4
8.Packers+17L 16-18 vs DETL3Injuries have finally caught up to the Packers offense.6-3
9.Falcons9BYEL2Maybe the Falcons were able to find out what happened to their offense.6-3
10.Bills+212W 22-17 vs NYJW2Big win in the standings, but maybe an even bigger win for Rex personally.5-4
11.Giants-38L 26-27 vs NEL1The G-Men should have won that game, which makes losing that much worse.5-5
12.Jets-111L 17-22 vs BUFL1With the Pats basically locking up the AFC East, the Jets couldn’t afford this loss.5-4
13.Chiefs+417W 29-13 vs DENW3The Chiefs have been a whole new team in recent weeks.4-5
14.Raiders-113L 14-30 vs MINL2The Raiders are improving, but clearly not ready for the top teams yet.4-5
15.Rams-114L 13-37 vs CHIL2Not sure what happened to the Rams defense, but that was ugly.4-5
16.Eagles-115L 19-20 vs MIAL1The Eagles missed a shot to take over the division lead.4-5
17.Seahawks-116L 32-39 vs ARIL1That was a must win game they just lost.4-5
18.Texans+321W 10-6 vs CINW2A huge win that puts the Texans in the driver’s seat.4-5
19.Colts-118BYEW1The Colts are still hanging on to the division.4-5
20.Buccanneers20W 10-6 vs DALW1There are problems to fix, but the Bucs are winning some games.4-5
21.Bears+122W 37-13 vs STLW2The Bears have a habit of beating teams that should be killing them.4-5
22.Redskins+628W 47-14 vs NOW1Still liking it, Kurt.4-5
23.Dolphins+326W 20-19 vs PHIW1The Fins won a game they had no business winning.4-5
24.49ers24BYEW1With some major questions to answer, all eyes will be on who is starting for the 49ers this week.3-6
25.Saints-619L 14-47 vs WASL2It’s amazing how some people still think Rob Ryan is a good DC.4-6
26.Cowboys-323L 6-10 vs TBL7The Cowboys are 0-7 without Romo…OR The Cowboys are 0-7 with Greg Hardy.  You pick.2-7
27.Chargers27BYEL5With a surging Chiefs team coming up, the Chargers needed this week to get healthy…ish.2-7
28.Jaguars+230W 22-20 vs BALW1The Jags did just enough to get through this one.3-6
29.Ravens-425L 20-22 vs JAXL1This season can’t end soon enough for the Ravens.2-7
30.Lions+232W 18-16 vs GBW1It’s a big win for the Lions, but too little too late.2-7
31.Titans-229L 10-27 vs CARL1The Titans are in play for another top 5 pick this year.2-7
32.Browns-131L 6-30 vs PITL5So many problems with this team.2-8

Well that’s it for this week’s NFL rankings, Addicts!  A pretty exciting week that shook up the top of the ranking board.  We’re seeing  the playoff picture start to form, and the Chiefs are right there in the hunt for the Wild Card.  Should they make the postseason, consider them a dangerous team.