NFL Rankings: Week 10


Two weeks in a row have seen a team fall from the ranks of the unbeatens.  This time, to the joy of Chiefs fans, it was the Denver Broncos losing to a very bad Colts team.  That just makes me smile.  However, that wasn’t even the biggest news this week in my opinion.  No, that belongs to the Panthers who just showed everyone that they need to be taken seriously.  Those two games caused quite the change from last week’s rankings.

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The big winners, jumping up five spots each, this week were the Chicago Bears, who did the Chiefs a favor by knocking off the San Diego Chargers, and the San Francisco 49ers who outlasted the Atlanta Falcons.  Oddly enough, both teams were down at the bottom of the rankings last week, and for most of the year.  On the other side of things, the biggest fall of the week is shared by the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins who each fell four spots.

The Chiefs get a slight bump despite being on a BYE week, but that is entirely due to a lot of teams around them losing.  Sometimes simply not losing works out.  Kansas City isn’t going to be cut any breaks though as their next four games all offer challenges.  The Chiefs can’t afford any slip ups moving forward, but they are still very much in the hunt for the playoffs.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 27-10 vs WASW8The Pats continue to squash everyone they face.8-0
2.Bengals+13W 31-10 vs CLEW8Maybe the best roster in the NFL right now.8-0
3.Panthers+14W 37-29 vs GBW8Legit.8-0
4.Broncos-22L 24-27 vs INDL1That’s a tough loss.  Have to wonder how they respond.7-1
5.Vikings+27W 21-18 vs STLW4Suddenly the Vikings are in play to win the NFC North.6-2
6.Cardinals6BYEW2The Cards need this BYE week to figure some things out.6-2
7.Packers-25L 29-37 vs CARL2Losing two straight?  Been here before…R-E-L-A-X.6-2
8.Giants+210W 32-18 vs TBW1Strong win puts the G-Men out in front in the NFC East.5-4
9.Falcons-18L 16-17 vs SFL2There is  something seriously wrong with the offense in Atlanta.6-3
10.Steelers+212W 38-35 vs OAKW1Winning like this without Le’Veon Bell is impressive.5-4
11.Jets+314W 28-23 vs JAXW1Closer than it should have been, but the Jets are leading the Wild Card group.5-3
12.Bills+113W 33-17 vs MIAW1A big win keeps the Bills in the hunt.4-4
13.Raiders-49L 35-38 vs PITL1That was a bad time for a loss.  Raiders have another tough one next week.4-4
14.Rams-311L 18-21 vs MINL1The Rams have to find some offense.4-4
15.Eagles+116W 33-27 vs DALW1A win against the struggling Cowboys might feel good, but the Eagles still need to play better.4-4
16.Seahawks-115BYEW2Hopefully this BYE week doesn’t hurt their momentum.4-4
17.Chiefs+118BYEW2The Chiefs come off the BYE against the Broncos.  That’s a big test.3-5
18.Colts+220W 27-24 vs DENW1So…it was all Pep’s fault?4-5
19.Saints-217L 28-34 vs TENL1With the Panthers rolling and the Falcons still several games ahead, this loss may be a killer.4-5
20.Buccanneers-119L 18-32 vs NYGL1Rookie struggles were expected.3-5
21.Texans+122BYEW1Amazingly, they are still in the hunt for the AFC South.3-5
22.Bears+527W 22-19 vs SDW1The Bears don’t seem as fully committed to rebuilding as they should be.3-5
23.Cowboys-221L 27-33 vs PHIL6Tony Romo may not make it back in time to salvage this team.2-6
24.49ers+529W 17-16 vs ATLW1That win throws the QB situation into even more of a quandry.  Gabbert 1-0.3-6
25.Ravens+126BYEW1The Ravens are all but done this year.2-6
26.Dolphins-423L 17-33 vs BUFL2Yeah, still no offensive line.3-5
27.Chargers-324L 19-22 vs CHIL5The Chargers have been bounced to the bottom of the AFC West.2-7
28.Redskins-325L 10-27 vs NEL1They aren’t out of the race in the NFC East, but need a big win.3-5
29.Titans+332W 34-28 vs NOW1Chalk some of that up to emotion, but the Mularky Era off to a good start.2-6
30.Jaguars-228L 23-28 vs NYJL1How long can this team continue to be a bottom dweller?2-6
31.Browns-130L 10-31 vs CINL4So…another quarterback?2-7
32.Lions-131BYEL2There is no reason for confidence in Detroit.1-7

Well that’s it for this week’s NFL rankings, Addicts!  A pretty exciting week that shook up the top of the ranking board.  We’re seeing certain teams pull away from the pack, but by and large, the playoff picture is still wide open.