NFL Rankings: Week 9


Well, we finally saw one of the unbeatens fall.  Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, it wasn’t the one we wanted.  Some readers questioned my having the Broncos ranked #3 last week.  Well, you were right…clearly they should have been ranked higher.  The Broncos not only beat the Packers, they made a statement.  At least there was finally a shake up at the top of the rankings from previous weeks.

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The biggest risers this week are the New Orleans Saints with a climb of seven spots.  Not only did they beat a good team, they did it in true Saints fashion.  The Saints started out slow but are now on a winning streak, so we’ll see how this plays out.  But have to give respect where it is due.  The title of “biggest loser” is shared by the Cowboys, Dolphins, and Chargers.  Oddly enough, all three of those teams started the season with playoff expectations and all three are now in the bottom half of the rankings.

The Chiefs put together an impressive victory this week, and that keeps them in the playoff picture.  Go ahead and circle those games against the Raiders, because they now have major playoff implications.  With a timely BYE week before heading to Denver, the Chiefs are in a strong position to take advantage of a lackluster remaining schedule.  The AFC only has five teams with winning records at the moment, so Kansas City is nowhere near being eliminated yet.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 31-7 vs MIAW7So the Pats are really, really, good.7-0
2.Broncos+13W 29-10 vs GBW7That defense is legit.7-0
3.Bengals+14W 16-10 vs PITW7That’s a big win that might just put the Bengals over the top in the AFC North.7-0
4.Panthers+15W 29-26 vs INDW7As the last undefeated team in the NFC, the Panthers control their destiny.7-0
5.Packers-32L 10-29 vs DENL1No real harm for the Packers, but the offense hasn’t looked crisp recently.6-1
6.Cardinals+17W 34-20 vs CLEW2The Browns are almost always a great team to get back on track against.6-2
7.Vikings+18W 23-20 vs CHIW3A division win that keeps the Vikes in the playoff hunt.5-2
8.Falcons-26L 20-23 vs TBL1What happened to that high-powered offense?6-2
9.Raiders+312W 34-20 vs NYJW2A big time win puts the Raiders squarely in the playoff picture.4-3
10.Giants-19L 52-49 vs NOL1The Giants just lost a lot of momentum.4-4
11.Rams+314W 27-6 vs SFW2Who would’ve thought the Rams would be the second best team in the NFC West?4-3
12.Steelers-210L 10-16 vs  CINL2Losing Bell might be worse than losing the game.4-4
13.Bills13BYEL2The Bills needed this break to try and turn things around.3-4
14.Jets-311L 20-34 vs OAKL2That’s a tough loss for the Jets.4-3
15.Seahawks15W 13-12 vs DALW2A low-scoring game is exactly what the Seahawks want every week.4-4
16.Eagles16BYEL1With the Cowboys and Giants faltering, the Eagles need to take advantage.3-4
17.Saints+724W 52-49 vs NYGW3Don’t look now, but the Saints may have re-discovered their offense.4-4
18.Chiefs+321W 45-10 vs DETW2KC treated DET like an FCS opponent.3-5
19.Buccanneers+322W 23-20 vs ATLW1That’s a pretty big win for a team that was almost out of it.3-4
20.Colts-218L 26-29 vs CARL3There is a real chance the Colts go to the playoffs at 6-10.3-5
21.Cowboys-417L 12-13 vs SEAL5The Cowboys need Romo back desperately.2-5
22.Texans+123W 20-6 vs TENW1It was just the Titans, but very surprised how much the Texans had in their tank this week.3-5
23.Dolphins-419L 7-31 vs NEL1Well then, guess they’re still the Dolphins.3-4
24.Chargers-420L 26-29 vs BALL4Some had the Chargers pegged as potential AFC West champs before the season.2-6
25.Redskins25BYEW1The Skins have a shot at making a move in the NFC East.3-4
26.Ravens+127W 29-26 vs SDW1The Ravens only technically stay alive.2-6
27.Bears-126L 20-23 vs MINL2The Bears are headed back down to the cellar.2-5
28.Jaguars28BYEW1The Jags aren’t out of their division race.  Use this break wisely.2-5
29.49ers29L 6-27 vs STLL2Nothing good going on in San Fran right now.2-6
30.Browns30L 20-34 vs ARIL3It’s looking a lot like another offseason of big changes in Cleveland.2-6
31.Lions31L 10-45 vs KCL2Nothing like getting embarrassed on an international stage.1-7
32.Titans32L 6-20 vs HOUL6So Wisenhunt is pretty much fired at this point, right?1-6

Well that’s it for this week’s NFL rankings, Addicts!  We’re seeing the 2015 season really start to take shape.  And as we head to the tail half of the season, the playoff picture is definitely an interesting one.