NFL Rankings: Week 8


Five undefeated teams all the way into Week 8…that’s pretty amazing.  The 2016 NFL season has its share of top tier teams and bottom dwellers.  However, there seems to not be much of a middle “pack” this year.  Only a few of the division races even look to be competitive at this point, and more teams are disappointing than exciting.  As we have seen almost every week, the number of quality teams in the NFL seems to be shrinking as the season goes on.

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Our biggest risers in our NFL rankings this week are the New York Giants, who jump into the top ten after taking the lead in the NFC East.  I don’t think that holds up once Dez Bryant and Tony Romo return, but for now the Giants lead their division.  The biggest fall is shared by a group of teams who have been pretty disappointing.  The Ravens, Colts, Cowboys, and Eagles all had high expectations this year.  However, as this week’s rankings indicate, none of them are playing up to what many of us thought they would be.  With five teams still undefeated, we’re seeing the top tier teams distance themselves from the rest of the pack.  That will shape the Wild Card race to become very competitive over the next several weeks.

The Chiefs pulled off a big victory against a top team this week, albeit with a third string quarterback in.  However, given the status of the rest of the league, it actually shows that the Chiefs are not yet out of the running for a playoff spot.  If Kansas City can pull together a few more wins over the next several weeks, and they should given their opponents, we may actually see them in the mix for a Wild Card spot.  That seems odd to say, but with only 11 teams having winning records in the entire NFL, it’s tough for anyone to be truly out of it yet.

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 30-23 vs NYJW6The Pats got all they could handle, but still walked out undefeated.6-0
2.Packers2BYEW6A week off was definitely needed to get some guys healthy.6-0
3.Broncos3BYEW6This Bye may help Manning and Kubiak get on the same page.6-0
4.Bengals4BYEW6Cincy has been rolling, so this Bye may actually be inconvenient for them.6-0
5.Panthers5W 27-16 vs PHIW6The Eagles and Seahawks aren’t as good as they have been…but still a pair of good wins.6-0
6.Falcons6W 10-7 vs TENW1The recent lack of offense is becoming very disturbing.6-1
7.Cardinals+19W 26-18 vs BALW1A well-timed win extends the Cards hold on the NFC West.5-2
8.Vikings+210W 28-19 vs DETW2This keeps them on the coattails of GB.4-2
9.Giants+615W 27-20 vs DALW1The NFC East is competitive.  Not good, but competitive.4-3
10.Steelers-37L 23-13 vs KCL1The Steelers obviously need Big Ben back.4-3
11.Jets-38L 30-23 vs NEL1That was about as exciting a game as you could hope for…next time around Jets may take this.4-2
12.Raiders+416W 37-29 vs SDW1Could this be the year the Raiders change their fortunes?3-3
13.Bills-211L 34-31 vs JAXL2That was a pretty humiliating way for this team to get exposed.3-4
14.Rams+418W 24-6 vs CLEW1Maybe the single most dominating defensive performance of the year.3-3
15.Seahawks+217W 20-3 vs SFW1The Seahawks were close to being knocked out of the division race before this win.3-4
16.Eagles-412L 16-27 vs CARL1Chip Kelly should be feeling the heat.3-4
17.Cowboys-413L 20-27 vs NYGL4The Boys need Dez and Romo back ASAP!2-4
18.Colts-414L 27-21 vs NOL2Their still the best team in the AFC South…but may take division at 6-10.3-4
19.Dolphins+322W 44-26 vs HOUW2So, maybe it was all Joe Philbin.3-3
20.Chargers-119L 29-37 vs OAKL3The Chargers are playing like a team that’s about to move cities…oh.2-5
21.Chiefs+526W 23-13 vs PITW1That was a big win against a quality team.2-5
22.Buccanneers-121L 30-31 vs WASL1That’s a tough loss for a young team.2-4
23.Texans-320L 26-44 vs MIAL1Whatever happened to that stacked defense?2-5
24.Saints+125W 27-21 vs INDW2They almost resembled the Saints of two years ago.3-4
25.Redskins+227W 31-30 vs TBW1Wow…that was exciting.3-4
26.Bears-224BYEL1The Bears needed this week to see if they could figure out how to win again.2-4
27.Ravens-423L 18-26 vs ARIL3It can’t get much worse than this for the Ravens…but it will.1-6
28.Jaguars+331W 34-31 vs BUFW1That’s a pretty good way to sell this team to London.2-5
29.49ers-128L 3-20 vs SEAL1So much dysfunction on this team.2-5
30.Browns-129L 24-6 vs STLL2The Browns have no answers for anything right now.2-5
31.Lions-130L 19-28 vs MINL1Annnnd back to the cellar.1-6
32.Titans32L 7-10 vs ATLL5What’s really sad is they couldn’t even muster the FG to tie it.1-5

That’s going to do it for me, Addicts!  Another week down in the 2015 NFL season, and another weekly NFL rankings to go along with it.