NFL rankings: Week 7


This week’s NFL rankings show a little bit of a shake up at the top as one of the unbeatens finally fell…just not the one that most people thought.  The Panthers hold onto their undefeated streak while the Falcons take a fall, putting a very big twist on a surprisingly competitive NFC South.  But that isn’t the most interesting part of the NFL season heading into Week 7.  No, what is far more intriguing is the fact that there are only 10 teams in the NFL with winning records right now.  As we have seen almost every week, the number of quality teams in the NFL seems to be shrinking as the season goes on.

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Our biggest risers this week are the Minnesota Vikings, who jump into the top ten simply by being one of the few winning teams in the NFL at this point.  The biggest fall belongs to the Seattle Seahawks who are sitting at a very surprising 2-4.  Many of the division races are appearing to be settled extremely early this year as there are multiple teams that simply look to be in a dominant position over their competition.

Kansas City appears to be completely out of contention now.  Along with the Chargers, the Chiefs have stumbled heavily coming out of the gate and haven’t been able to rebound even slightly.  At this point, it’s nearly time to start working on the mock drafts, but we’ll hold off for just a little longer on that…on to the rankings!

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 34-27 vs INDW5The Patriots are not the team to make a key mistake against.5-0
2.Packers2W 27-20 vs SDW6Another week, another victory.6-0
3.Broncos3W 26-23 vs CLEW6The Broncos could very easily be 1-5 right now…this team has some heart.6-0
4.Bengals4W 34-21 vs BUFW6The Bengals aren’t just winning, they’re making statements.6-0
5.Panthers+27W 27-23 vs SEAW5A huge win for the Panthers that shows they belong with the big dogs.5-0
6.Falcons-15L 21-31 vs NOL1The Falcons largely beat themselves, which is something the best teams don’t do.5-1
7.Steelers+29W 25-13 vs ARIW2The Steelers did more than just survive without Big Ben.4-2
8.Jets+311W 34-20 vs WASW2Losing Geno Smith may have been the best thing to happen to this team.4-1
9.Cardinals-36L 13-25 vs PITL1A tough loss.  Cardinals haven’t been themselves the past several weeks.4-2
10.Vikings+515W 16-10 vs KCW1Not an impressive victory, but that’s not really what matters.3-2
11.Bills-38L 21-34 vs CINL1The Bills are not playing up to their talent level.3-3
12.Eagles+416W 27-7 vs NYGW2The Eagles have climbed back to take a share of the division lead.3-3
13.Cowboys+114BYEL3The Cowboys really needed this break.2-3
14.Colts-212L 34-27 vs NEL1That was about as embarrassing as it gets.  What was Pagano thinking?3-3
15.Giants-213L 7-27 vs PHIL1Giants miss on an opportunity to take a commanding lead in the division.3-3
16.Raiders+218BYEL2A well-timed BYE week has the Raiders in 2nd place in the AFC West.2-3
17.Seahawks-710L 23-27 vs CARL2Seattle is getting dangerously close to losing hold on this season.2-4
18.Rams+119BYEL1The Rams need to come off of this BYE with all cylindars firing.2-3
19.Chargers-217L 20-27 vs GBL2The Chargers continue to give away chances to keep in pace with Denver.2-4
20.Texans+323W 34-20 vs JAXW1Oddly enough, this team is still in striking distance of the Division lead.2-4
21.Buccanneers21BYEW1The Bucs get another week to work with Winston.  Should only help.2-3
22.Dolphins+224W 38-10 vs TENW1Dolphins came out with a much different outlook this week.  We’ll seee if it holds up.2-3
23.Ravens-320L 25-20 vs SFL2These Ravens are clearly not the same team we’ve been used to.1-5
24.Bears-222L 34-37 vs DETL1That was a missed opportunity for the Bears to get a little something from this season.2-4
25.Saints+429W 31-21 vs ATLW1The Saints capitalized on mistakes and grabbed a win that keeps them alive for now.2-4
26.Chiefs-125L 16-10 vs MINL5The Chiefs continue an almost entirely self-inflicted losing streak.1-5
27.Redskins-126L 20-34 vs NYJL2The Skins are starting to drop back off after having shown some life.2-4
28.49ers+432W 25-20 vs BALW1Will say this for the 9ers, they haven’t quit playing yet.2-4
29.Browns-128L 23-26 vs DENL1Snatching defeat from the jaws of victroy.2-4
30.Lions+131W 37-34 vs CHIW1The Lions avoid the 0-16 season by barely beating a terrible Bears team.1-5
31.Jaguars-427L 20-31 vs HOUL4In a battle of bad teams, the Jags show they are still the Jags.1-5
32.Titans-230L 10-38 vs MIAL4Ouch.  The Titans don’t have much going for them right now.1-4

That’s going to do it for me, Addicts!  Another week down in the 2015 NFL season, and another weekly NFL rankings to go along with it.