NFL rankings: Week 6


It’s almost painful to put together my NFL rankings this week.  The Chiefs suffered yet another humiliating loss and drop even further towards the bottom of the league.  Meanwhile, we’re seeing the best teams in the NFL clearly separate themselves from the rest.  However, there really wasn’t a ton of movement in the rankings this week as nine of the top twelve teams from last week’s NFL rankings remain the same.

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Our biggest risers this week are the Chicago Bears, who rose not just for winning, but because so many other bad teams lost.  The biggest fallers?  Yeah, you guessed it.  The Chiefs come crashing down six spots to number 25.  The Chiefs and Ravens are the surprise teams at the bottom of the rankings so far this year as everyone else were pretty easy to spot this offseason.

It’s tough to stay excited about Kansas City this year.  No, the season isn’t over.  Yes, it’s still possible they turn it around.  I’m just not expecting it.  But enough of that…on to the rankings!

TeamStatusLst WkLst ResultStreakW-L
1.Patriots1W 30-6 vs DALW4You knew Tom Brady was going to teach Greg Hardy a lesson.4-0
2.Packers2W 24-10 vs STLW5All the Packers do is win.5-0
3.Broncos3W 16-10 vs OAKW5Doesn’t matter how you win as long as you win.5-0
4.Bengals4W 27-24 vs SEAW5The Bengals are proving they can win in almost any fashion.5-0
5.Falcons5W 25-19 vs WASW5Not the dominant victory many were looking for, but the Falcons continue to win.5-0
6.Cardinals6W 42-17 vs DETW1Larry Fitzgerald is not done playing football.4-1
7.Panthers7BYEW4The Panthers schedule is about to become much tougher.4-0
8.Bills+19W 14-13 vs TENW1The defense did it’s job, but the offense will need to step up.3-2
9.Steelers+413W 23-20 vs SDW1That’s a much needed win that keeps the Steelers towards the front of the AFC pack.3-2
10.Seahawks-18L 24-27 vs CINL1The Bengals are a strong team, but the Seahawks can’t feel good about this loss.2-3
11.Jets11BYEW1Oddly enough, this was a poor time for a week off.  Jets have been rolling.3-1
12.Colts12W 27-20 vs HOUW3The AFC South is so bad the Colts might win the division at 6-10.3-2
13.Giants+114W 30-27 vs SFW3They’ve been more impressive than I thought they would be.3-2
14.Cowboys-410L 6-30 vs NEL3That was a much deserved loss.  Greg Hardy…wow.2-3
15.Vikings15BYEL1An extra week to work on things will do this team a lot of good.2-2
16.Eagles+521W 39-17 vs NOW1The Eagles needed a big victory and got it.2-3
17.Chargers-116L 20-23 vs PITL1A tough way to lose and at a very crucial time.2-3
18.Raiders-117L 10-16 vs DENL2A lot of promising talent for the future.2-3
19.Rams19L 10-24 vs GBL1The Rams harassed Aaron Rodgers…but forgot to score any points.2-3
20.Ravens-218L 30-33 vs CLEL1That was a must win game with the Bengals running away with the division.1-4
21.Buccanneers+627W 38-31 vs JAXW1That was a good win for the Bucs as it shows a bright outlook in their future.2-3
22.Bears+628W 18-17 vs KCW2The Bears looked like a sure thing for the #1 overall pick just a couple weeks ago.2-3
23.Texans-122L 20-27 vs INDL2Yup, that’s a QB controversy.  What does Bill O’Brien do when neither guy is the right answer?1-4
24.Dolphins24BYEL3The Dolphins were in desperate need of this week off.1-3
25.Chiefs-520L 17-18 vs CHIL4The Chiefs are easily the biggest disappointment of 2015 so far.1-4
26.Redskins-125L 19-25 vs ATLL1The Skins have nothing to be ashamed of in that loss.2-3
27.Jaguars-423L 31-38 vs TBL3Something had to give in this one, and it was the Jags who gave it.1-4
28.Browns+331W 33-30 vs BALW1A huge division win.  They might not be the worst team in their division.2-3
29.Saints-326L 17-39 vs PHIL1The biggest problem for the Saints is they don’t have the assets to fix their problems.1-4
30.Titans-129L 13-14 vs BUFL3The Titans have lost their Week 1 form.1-3
31.Lions-130L 17-42 vs ARIL5Matt Stafford benched…that’s all you need to know.0-5
32.49ers32L 27-30 vs NYGL4Not much to like about what’s going on in SF these days.1-4

That’s going to do it for me, Addicts!  Another week down in the 2015 NFL season, and another weekly NFL rankings to go along with it.