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In Kansas City, Jamaal Charles is a deity amongst mortals.

If you think that’s empty rhetoric, ask any religious local how many masses they attended in 2012. Then ask how many kickoffs they missed in the same year.

Odds are, the first number will be in the hundreds and the second number will be zero.

In a season where the Kansas City Chiefs penned a franchise low in points differential (-214), fans still rolled out of bed, wobbled to showers and downed hangover meds (red Gatorade) to watch a live-action Michael Bay movie.

You knew you’d regret it, and you knew the ending would suck, but you couldn’t fight the urge to watch an otherworldly being in action—or in this case, Charles.

Since 2008, Arrowhead has seen its share of division-winning highs and “Larry Johnson—two yards on the carry” lows. Its ankle-breaking assassin has remained the only constant.

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