Video: Chiefs Beat 2002 Browns After Dwayne Rudd’s Helmet Toss Extends Game


This will never not be funny, and this will never not be Cleveland.

Look, far be it from me to poke fun at another city’s athletics. I grew up watching a baseball team that hadn’t made the playoffs since a time when it was socially acceptable to sing “Wake Me up before You Go-Go.” And the Chiefs haven’t notched a postseason win since Michael Jackson was doing SeaWorld serenades.

That being said, the city of Cleveland should be sponsored by Zoloft.

On opening day of 2002, the Chiefs were down to their last play, had the ball on their own 46-yard line and trailed the Browns by two points.

Trent Green dropped back, did something resembling a power-walker having a panic attack and flipped a backward hot potato to left tackle John Tait.

While Sea Bass rumbled upfield, Browns linebacker Dwayne Rudd shifted into “Starting defense. Place at the table!” mode, following a near-sack with a celebratory helmet heave.

Tait (unsuccessfully) tried to out-maneuver a free safety—which led to me Googling whether elephants are actually afraid of mice (they are)—and Browns coach Butch Davis began walking to midfield to shake hands with Dick Vermeil.

Then Cleveland happened.

The refs flagged Rudd for his face-masked fastball, and walking grandfather clock Morten Andersen nailed the game-winner.

Shoutout to William Bartee.


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