Kansas City Chiefs: Merlin’s 2015 Mock Draft Challenge

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Original Photo: David Manning – USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, Addicts, the combine is history and draft fever is building.

I have always referred to the draft as Christmas for football teams. This is the time when Kansas City Chiefs fans get to unwrap their shiny new players given to us by Santas Dorsey and Reid. My plan is to get a pizza and a bottle (or two or three) of a microbrew and watch the Draft on TV. Of course, I will also be online having fun with the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Addict. Only the hardest of the hard-core fans are with us on Day 3.

I long abandoned ESPN with their coverage. Often their coverage of the Chiefs picks would take the following format: Chiefs are on the clock and it’s winding down. It’s a great time to take a commercial break. Upon the return, the pick has been made. ESPN will give that 10-20 seconds of talk then move to another segment. That usually involved an interview with Jerry “I never met a camera I didn’t like” Jones or a panel discussion about a pick made by one of the 10 teams ESPN actually cares about.

So long, ESPN, hello NFLN and Mike Mayock. It’s very corporate, but at least Mayock knows what he is talking about.

Welcome to this years Chiefs Mock Draft Challenge. I love doing this every year, and I invite the readers to post their own Chiefs mock in the comments. To make this a fair exercise, we have to follow some rules. Here are the rules I have used in the past:

  1.  The big board on Draft Tek is the official board to make picks from.
  2.  You can go up five positions from your draft position.
  3.  You are free to go down as far as you want to select a player.
  4. No trades are allowed.

As of now, compensation picks have not been awarded. Once they are, I will factor them into the exercise.

Now, onto my picks and explanations.