Report: Peyton Manning’s Restructured Contract ‘Will Be Done This Week’


Let’s just accept that Peyton Manning is Bicentennial Man, and Arrowhead is our purgatory.

The Chiefs can’t beat him. Age can’t beat him. He’s a souped-up, oil-sweating android who only loses to feel.

No non-tin human dances like this:

Regardless, The Denver Post‘s Woody Paige reports that the passer is lubricating his joints and amending his contract—the details of which will be disclosed this week.

Paige writes:

"What’s taking so long with this Peyton Predicament?The answer is: It’s complicated, and never promised to be a swift process. The deal will be done this week.After super agent Tom Condon and the Broncos finalize details of a restructured contract, and Peyton takes his “official” physical, the news will be official that Manning is returning. All will be right in Denver’s world."

Jokes aside, Manning’s return is bound to stir up rah-rah “He faded down the stretch!” rallying cries—and nothing whets the media’s appetite like stars falling from grace—but let’s not act like it’s something to clink Boulevards over.

Nobody knows the reason behind Manning’s late-season struggles. Maybe it was the injury. Maybe it was age. Maybe it was both.

However, all things considered, he still threw for 4,727 yards and 39 touchdowns last year. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the Chiefs aren’t 1-13 versus Brock Osweiler.

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