Don’t Expect The Kansas City Chiefs To Sign A.J. Hawk


The Kansas City Chiefs can use depth at inside linebacker, and the Green Bay Packers just released one, A.J. Hawk, on Wednesday. Furthermore, John Dorsey, both as a player and a scout, spent over two decades with the Packers organization and had a hand in drafting Hawk.

At first glance, the stars are in alignment. Looks can be deceiving, though.

Over the next day or so, Hawk’s release will birth a handful of tired cliches, from “consummate pro” to “blue-collared work ethic.” That’s all swell and good. [golf clap]

But when you cut through the banality, Hawk was a fifth-overall draft pick whose only Pro Bowl selection came as an alternate. Obviously, Pro Bowls are hardly the be-all and end-alls of an NFL career, but in this case, the linebacker’s count is indicative of his play.

He also anchors the same position, weak-side inside linebacker, as Derrick Johnson. Hawk just celebrated his 31st birthday in January, and D.J. will turn 33 years old in November, but the two don’t compare in terms of consistency.

For starters, while the Packers won’t be boasting about it, NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that the club cited a “failed physical” for the veteran’s release.

Additionally, Johnson tallied 90-plus tackles in each of the four seasons prior to his injury; Hawk’s single-season career high is 82.

Johnson knows Kansas City’s defense like the back of his hand and is entering the final year of his contract—one whose 2015 cap hit ranks just No. 16 among inside linebackers. Hawk, in all likelihood, will be looking for a multi-year deal, despite being past his prime.

There’s no denying that Dorsey and Hawk have ties, and Johnson is returning from an injury that can bury careers—Kobe can testify. (Although, he definitely wouldn’t.)

But if Kansas City’s interior missile is 85 percent of what he once was, he’ll still be better than A.J. Hawk.

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