Tamba Hali: ‘I’m Willing To Do Whatever It Takes’ To Win Super Bowl In KC


At the beginning of the week, the thought of Tamba Hali returning to the Kansas City Chiefs was starting to look like a pipe dream. On Thursday, that all changed.

Fresh out of practice, the Pro Bowler called in to 610 Sports Radio’s The Drive and, over the course of 14 minutes, reminded listeners why he has been fan favorite since Day 1.

When asked about his offseason optimism, Hali claimed that he loves playing in Kansas City and “can’t imagine being somewhere else.”

He isn’t naive to his situation, though. The edge-rusher knows that with Justin Houston scheduled for a pocket-swelling payday, and first-rounder Dee Ford nipping at his heels, the vet’s age and cap number ($11,964,706) deem him the odd man out.

"At this stage in my career, it ain’t about money. The Kansas City Chiefs have taken care of me financially. …I’m not one of those guys that’s all bent out of shape over money. I love playing the game. I want to win a championship in Kansas City. And if money is going to be a hindrance in doing that, we’ll find a way. It’s not about money. We’ve got to get Justin paid and get our guys ready—Dee Ford, get him ready to be playing at a high level."

For Hali, three trends develop throughout the interview: (1) He is more concerned about winning than checks. (2) He wants Houston, his on-field teammate and off-field friend, to ink a long overdue contract. (3) He has heaps of respect for Andy Reid, whom he credits a culture change to.

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Time and again, Hali reiterated that as long as he’s playing under Reid and his coaching staff, money won’t be a factor. He noted, “We have a coach that’s able to take care of us. I’ve never been taken care of the way Andy Reid took care of me this year, and it’s much appreciated.”

Hali went on to praise his head coach’s genius, citing the fact if it weren’t for a flukey ending, Kansas City’s second-stringers would’ve topped San Diego’s starters in the last (regular season) game of 2013.

However, he admitted that the team has to kick its habit of playing down to its competition. As Hali suggests, it’s less about raising the ceiling and more about lifting the floor:

"I’m willing to do whatever it takes so we can get ready to win a Super Bowl. The two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl, we whipped them in Arrowhead. Whipped them."

Obviously, Kansas City’s cap remains an unsolved mystery.

Nobody knows if Dwayne Bowe will axe a chunk of his salary. Meanwhile, Eric Berry’s status is still uncertain, and even if Hali takes a reduced salary, the potential savings are still up in the air.

One thing is certain, though: It’s not every day that Pro Bowlers, if need be, volunteer for pay cuts. That not only speaks volumes about the player, but the organization he represents.

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