Bills Are Always A Scary Matchup For The Chiefs

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Sunday, November 3, 2013: 9-0

At this point, I know what you are asking yourself.

“Why isn’t the NFL putting this awesome Chiefs/Bills matchup on Monday Night Football every year?”

By the time this game kicked off, you would think Chiefs fans had gotten to the point that regardless of records, they knew to be scared of playing the Bills. Perhaps some fans had wised up but considering KC entered the day 8-0 to play a 3-6 Bills team starting some guy named Jeff Tuel at QB, I don’t think many folks thought the game would be close.

But of course, it was.

The new era (again) Chiefs and their “awesome, unstoppable defense” managed to win this game, despite the fact that the offense was largely ineffective. Sean Smith returned an interception 100-yards for a score and Tamba Hali returned a fumble for a TD. Those were the only touchdowns of the day for the Chiefs, the rest of the team’s points coming from three Ryan Succop field goals.

The Chiefs were actually losing this game at the half. Alex Smith really struggled, only averaging 4.3 yards per completion.

KC would go on to finish 11-5 while the Bills would finish…can you guess…6-10 in last place.

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