New York Jets Reddit Is A Gold Mine Of Rants, Vines And Photoshops

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Personally, I’m glad the New York Jets are 1-7. Not because I have some deep-seated hatred for them, but because their Reddit is a misery-loves-comedy gold mine.

When a team registers one win in eight games, there’s more than enough blame to go around. And in America’s biggest market, said blame gets handed out like communion wafers.

Judging by extensions, the owner treats the coach like a freelancer. The GM has an eye for talent like Nic Cage has an eye for scripts. The coach takes vaccines for offense. It’s beautiful.

More or less, in Long Island and New Jersey, every Sunday is like a reunion with the NFL’s most dysfunctional family.

While the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for Gang Green, the latter’s fans (and media) are doing the same.