New York Jets Reddit Is A Gold Mine Of Rants, Vines And Photoshops

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Stop, Drop And Troll

Have you ever wanted something but were missing one of the essentials, so you try to improvise out of desperation? That’s what this is.

This is having no milk, pouring water in Cheerios and being shocked it tastes like [drum roll] water in Cheerios.

Deadspin’s Tom Ley adds, “This is what it looks like when a play breaks down on a molecular level. My favorite part is the two lead blockers who fail to lay a single hand on a member of the Bills’ coverage team.”

OK, out of fairness, the two lead blockers are expecting a lateral to the other end of the field. If that had actually happened, they would’ve been in prime position. However, that didn’t happen, because humans aren’t chameleons.

The Jets special teams coach is the reason why there’s a warning before Myth Busters.