Week 9: Kansas City Chiefs And Royals Wallpapers

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If you’re reading this, odds are that you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan. And if you’re a Chiefs fan, odds are that you’re a Royals fan. And if you’re a Royals fan, your day has probably consisted of popping two aspirin, chugging a post-Cuervo Gatorade and flashing a fake “And I’m cryin’ inside, and nooobody knows it but me” smile inside your cubicle.

I feel your pain. (The normal response to a two-out, ninth-inning, down-by-one triple is applause; mine was “Had to get that last jab in, eh, sports gods?” If you follow Kansas City sports long enough, you know a cruel joke when you see one.)

Watching your team lose Game 7 of the World Series stings like a bad breakup. Watching them lose it with a runner at third stings like punting a beehive.

Dwelling never helps, though.

In this week’s batch of wallpapers, the Chiefs share the spotlight with their next-door neighbors.

In other words, stop sulking, stiffen your shoulders, pause “End of the Road” and mask the pain. If you’re a Kansas City sports fan, this isn’t your first rodeo.

The full-sized version (2400×1600 pixels) of each edit can be found on Arrowhead Addict’s “wallpapers” page.