Kansas City Chiefs: Everything You Need to Know for Week 5’s Matchup vs. 49ers

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There May Be a Rift in the 49ers Locker Room


Let’s not beat around the bush; Harbaugh is 32 flavors of American Psycho. If the Terminator had a staring contest with him, it’d cry a single tear, then tap from strangulation via Dockers belt.

In other words, it’s safe to say San Francisco’s coach isn’t the easiest guy to get along with. So when Deion Sanders suggested that the 49ers “want him out,” the claim shouldn’t have raised many eyebrows.

Cordial or not, the method to Harbaugh’s madness gets results, though. His 74.5 win percentage currently ranks third all-time among NFL head coaches.

Will the news impact Sunday? Probably not. Money is the world’s greatest motivator, and in a league with no guaranteed contracts, players’ primary concern is proving their worth.

However, it’s something worth noting.