Top 5 Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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3. Joe Montana

Everyone loves Joe.

That was the attitude when the Chiefs traded for the Hall of Fame Quarterback in 1993. I myself was stoked when I found out we would have this amazing quarterback at the helm. Coming off of knee surgery no one would have suspected what Joe would do for the Chiefs team.

To this day Montana has the best winning percentage of any quarterback, short lived since he only played two seasons, but the other stat out there for him is he is the last quarterback to win a playoff game with the Chiefs.

Ultimately Montana took the Chiefs all the way to the 1993 AFC Championship only to be defeated by the Bills in a heart-breaker. Montana’s stay with the Chiefs may have been short lived but his impact is still felt to this day.

Career Stats with the Chiefs

Total Yards: 5427 — Touchdown to Interception Ratio: 29/16 — Passer Rating with the Chiefs: 85.0

Best Statistical Game: vs Tampa Bay on September 5, 1993 – 246 yards, 3 TD, Passer Rating 146