Top 5 Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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4. Steve DeBerg

As this list continues it is tough to pick out who is among the best quarterbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs. Deberg makes the list for two reasons. One, DeBerg played four seasons with the Chiefs, and had some great numbers. And two, he was awesome in Tecmo Superbowl for the Nintendo.

Now I know that last one is not a good reason to put out there. However he is the only QB I know who can throw the ball the entire length of the field and complete the pass, oh wait that was in the game. Well besides that little rant DeBerg was an accurate quarterback who helped Chief fans forget the debacle that was the Todd Blackledge draft as one of the biggest busts in Kansas City draft history.

Career Stats with the Chiefs

Total Yards: 11,873 — Touchdown to Interception Ratio: 67/50 — Passer Rating with the Chiefs: 81.8

Best Statistical Game: vs Miami on October 13, 1991 – 177 yards, 3 TD, Passer Rating 156.2