Top 5 Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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5. Bill Kenney

When I began the task of trying to pick the top 5 quarterbacks in Chiefs history it was a difficult decision. So for the first selection I have chosen to go with someone, that admittedly I was not familiar with, Bill Kenney.

Kenney, though only putting together two winning seasons in the 8 seasons he played for the Chiefs, is currently ranked 3rd overall among Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks in both touchdowns and yards. He was a decent quarterback in a dark time for the Chiefs.

Career Stats with the Chiefs

Total Yards: 17,277 — Touchdown to Interception Ratio: 105/86 — Passer Rating with the Chiefs: 77.0

Best Statistical Game: vs San Diego on December 16, 1984 – 245 yards, 3 TD, Passer Rating 147.6