Chiefs Whippin’ Up A “Big Apple” Mud Pie Sundae

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While Reid’s record is very good against the boys in blue, QB Alex Smith’s record is not. He’s only 1-5. So, how does one rectify such a dismal record against the Giants? Listen to Smith set his priorities as he spoke this week about preparing for the Giants.

"The importance of ball security, there’s no question. That’s something I take a lot of pride in. Umm… ya look around and the statistics are overwhelming on your chances to win a football game when you win the turnover battle."

Smith should know, he hasn’t thrown an INT in the first three games of the season and that’s a big reason the Chiefs lead the league in the turnover/takeaway category. In fact, Alex Smith hasn’t been intercepted in his last 5 games, since October 29, 2012.

We all know that most games come down to matchups. Well, the matchups that could be a concern for the Chiefs… aren’t. There are no receivers that the Giants have who are going to beat the Chiefs over the top. They don’t have a receiver like Dez Bryant who gave CB Brandon Flowers fits. WR Victor Cruz will get his catches but he doesn’t have the physique that would give Flowers the troubles Bryant did.


Yes, Chiefs rookie RT Eric Fisher has had his struggles in the first three games but this isn’t the Giants front that blew through Tom Brady’s front-five-force-field like they were ghosts playing hide-n-seek two years ago. This is not even the D-line from last year which was only 22nd in the league at sacking the opponents QB.

No, unless the Chiefs players all turn up punch drunk and the Giants players all show up ready to conquer the world (inspired by some sickly Gipper they’ve dedicated this game too), then this one is going to be messy for anyone wearing blue on Sundae.

I know a lot of people are counting on QB Eli Manning to right the ship this week but this Manning does something that his brother almost never does: he holds the ball too long! Well, if you’re a fan of Justin Houston or Tamba Hali, you’re marinating the victory steak now. I’m actually concerned for Eli’s health in this one.

Speaking of Eli, he’s never been a QB, like his brother, who could put the whole team on his back and take over for a whole game. He’s good for one or two great drives when a game is close (see the  end of Super Bowls XLII and XLVI). Eli’s M.O. (modus operandi- usual method of operation) is too take big risks when his team is down which is the reason he leads the league with 9 interceptions. He’s never been able to make-up for a bad defensive and his defense has given up 115 points in three games.

Let’s ask some critical questions about this game:

How is the NYG DL going to stop Jamaal Charles? The Giants DL made the Panthers 30 years old DeAngelo Williams (120 yards, 5.2 ypc) look like he had his rookie legs back.

How is the NYG OL going to stop the Chiefs pass rush? In the 2nd half Giants 32 year old center David Bass (Happy 32nd Birthday today David) is going to have problems keeping up with the young huge hard chargin’ NT Dontari Poe. I don’t like to see injuries to anyone but, it’s easy to envision a physical breaking point for the Giants there.

"UPDATE: In an ESPN report released late on Friday afternoon called, “Giants Take A Ravaged Offensive Line Into Arrowhead” the Giants have declared that both RG Chris See and C David Bass will not play on Sunday afternoon against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Another offensive lineman, David Diehl is recovering from thumb surgery and is listed as Doubtful."

How is the NYG passing defense (31st in the league in points allowed) going to stop Kansas City’s passing offense (13th in passing points scored). Starting Cornerback Corey Webster has been ruled out for Sunday’s game at Arrowhead.

How is the NYG rushing attack (last in the league) going to have any success against the Chiefs rushing defense (2nd in the league in rushing points allowed)? The Chiefs have been tough on the run game near the goal line which forces their opponents to become one dimensional. When that happens, say hello to the H&H railroad (Hali & Houston). I usually enjoy their show but, this could be ugly.