Chiefs Whippin’ Up A “Big Apple” Mud Pie Sundae

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It’s adjective heaven for K.C. Chiefs fans: Gooey. Sloppy. Messy. Tasty.

I’ve scoured the rosters for both teams and watched all the tape I care to of New York and I just don’t see the matchups where the Chiefs are going to get beat. Even the once heralded Jason Pierre-Paul only has one sack this year and looks like a shadow of his old self.

This is one of those situations where, the more you research the two teams, the more you say to yourself, “I’ll be surprised if….” So, here what I mean. I’ll surprised:

If… 30 year old, 6-5, 268 lb. Justin Tuck, who has one-half of a sack this season, gets even one sack from Chiefs rookie RT, 6-7, 306 lb. Eric Fisher. Yes, I know Fisher has struggled this year but, I don’t think Justin has the quicks he used to have. You could say he’s “Tuckered” out.

If… Giants RB David Wilson gained even 30 yards in this game… because the G-men are last in the league in yards gained per game at 44.3.

If… Justin Houston doesn’t get at least one sack. After all, he has 23 sacks in his last 24 games.

If… Eli Manning doesn’t throw at least one INT. He’s averaging an INT once in every 14.25 passes.

If… Jamaal Charles doesn’t rush for 100 yards. Teams running against the Giants defense are averaging 129.3 yards per game (6th worst in the league).

Now, I know the old maxim: that’s why they play the game.

But, by taking a closer look you can see this game more as a “changing of the guard” game. Traditional powers such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants have fallen on hard times and it appears to be more than just having a bad game or two or three.

Looking specifically at the Steelers and the Giants, you can see weaknesses in their rosters as well as team structures that weren’t there just two years ago. Age and adoration from recent accomplishments have eroded the real effort it takes to produce as champions. Each team has won two of the past 8 Super Bowls and it looks like their renown has become their ruin. Could each team bounce back this season? Sure, but they both appear to be the longest of long shots to make the playoffs and the Giants just so happen to in the way of a buzzsaw team — the Chiefs — at the wrong place and the wrong time — Arrowhead Stadium, Sundae.

Yes, I know the Chief are going to lose sooner or later this season.

I just don’t think it will happen when these Chiefs are deep-fryin’ at home and whippin’ up a big apple mud pie sundae on the Giants from New York.

Yes, that’s going to happen tomorrow.

And yes, it’s going to be messy.

Alright Chiefs fans, think the Chiefs game has now been jinxed? Then knock on wood but, admit that deep down in your heart of hearts that you don’t also believe the Chiefs are going to knock the snot out of the New York Giants on Sundae!