Who Had The Best “First Drives” In The AFC West?

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Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers


49ers Offense vs. Broncos Defense

– San Francisco had the ball first and returned the opening kick to the 24 yard line.

1. RB LeMichael James runs to the left for a 5 yard gain.

2. QB Colin Kaepernick hit’s TE Vernon Davis (shown above) down the right sideline for an 11 yard pass to the 40. Von Miller trails on the play.

3. LeMichael James runs up the middle for a 5 yard gain to the 45.

4. Kaepernick hits WR Anquan Boldin for 9 yards to the Denver 44.

5. LeMichael James runs up the middle for a 6 yard gain to the 38.

6. Kaepernick hits Anquan Boldin in tight coverage on a slant for 4 yards to the 34.

7. RB LeMichael James  sweeps right for 9 yards. Von Miller trails.

8. RB D.J. Harper runs up the middle for a 1 yard loss to the 26.

9. Kaepernick passing, all WRs are covered, he scrambles for 5 yards.

10. FB Bruce Miller runs up the middle for no gain.

11. False Start on SF, RT #70, Anthony Davis. 5 yard penalty.

12. RB LeMichael James sweeps right for a 1 yard gain.

13. 3rd & 16, Kaepernick passes to WR Marlon Moore for a 12 yard gain to the 14.

14. FG, good by Phil Dawson.

There’s nothing outstanding to report about the Denver Broncos defense in their first stand of the preseason. I noticed Von Miller close to making some plays but he seems slow to arrive and close only counts in… well, you know.