Brandon Flowers Injured? Who’s Next?


We told you earlier that Nick Wright of 610 Sports is reporting that he is hearing Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers has the dreaded high ankle sprain injury.

A high ankle sprain could keep Flowers on the shelf but in comparison to the rash of ACL injuries suffered by Chiefs players this season, this injury would be positively mild.

Still, it isn’t just the fact that KC players are getting injured that is so damaging. Injuries happen every season to every football team.

It is WHO is getting injured that is really a swift kick to the junk.

Eric Berry, Tony Moeaki, Jamal Charles and now Brandon Flowers? Sheesh.

Since we can’t do anything to help these fallen Chiefs, we thought it might be fun to wallow in our own is fortune for a bit and try to predict who will be the next key member of the team to go down to a serious injury.

We’re only concerned about losing good players so “Shabby” Sabby Piscitelli, Donnie “Martha” Washington, Tyson “Tin Man” Jackson and Matt “Sand” Cassel* are out of the running.

*AA founder Adam Best and I decided that from now on, we are calling Matt Cassel “Sand” Cassel. Why you ask? Well, Matt is kind of like a sand castle. He might look good for a while but there isn’t actually much there holding him together. Eventually, he’ll crumble.

So let’s vote, Addicts. Which KC player will be the next to fall, God help us…after the jump.

Who will be the next Chiefs to bite the dust?