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Report: Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers Has High Ankle Sprain


Nick Wright of 610 Sports is reporting that Kansas City Chiefs standout CB Brandon Flowers may have suffered a high ankle sprain in yesterday’s game against the San Diego Chargers.

If Wright is right, this would be another unfortunate blow to a team that has already lost Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki for the season.

A high ankle sprain wouldn’t end Flowers’ season but they are notoriously slow to heal and can put a player on the sidelines for a number of weeks.

There is no official word on this matter from the Chiefs, but Wright has traditionally been fairly accurate in his injury information.

For now, however, hope he’s wrong this time.

More on high ankle sprains, including recovery time, after the jump.

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Most high ankle sprains are initially treated with a walking boot or even a cast. The decision to use either a walking boot or cast depends on the severity of the injury and the preference of the treating physician. Both devices will restrict motion of the ankle as well as motion between the tibia and fibula, allowing the injured ligaments to heal. Again, it is important that injured individuals be informed that these injures take roughly twice as long to heal as lateral ankle sprains. In one large study, the average recovery time for these injuries was more than 40 days. As such, physical therapy may not be initiated for several weeks.

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How long Flowers is out (if it is a HAS) really depends on the injuries severity. RB Dexter McCluster missed multiple weeks in 2010 with a high ankle sprain. When he finally did get back on the field, he appeared to have lost some of his speed and cutting ability. It was not until after the offseason that McCluster appeared to be back to normal.

We’ll keep an eye out for more news on this.