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Addict Round Up


Afternoon Addicts! It has been a while since we have had a round up so I just wanted to catch you all up on what has been going on around the site.

These are perhaps the hardest days for us here at AA. Now that the draft is over and free agency seems a distant memory, many Chiefs fans are checking out until training camp begins in late July/early August.

Well not us! Not Arrowhead Addict. We call ourselves Addicts for a reason. We are still posting Chiefs news and views multiple times a day. We’ve just gotten a boatload of new players so there is a lot to discuss. So check AA early and check AA often because if you don’t, you might miss something!

Plus I get lonely when you guys aren’t commenting. I know you have lives and everything and I’m happy for you but this is all I have. Don’t desert me or I will be stuck here alone with Merlin and all he’ll want to talk about is the 2011 draft.

If you’ve been slacking off, here is what you’ve missed:

*I list 5 Chiefs I think are key to the upcoming season

*Coach Haley gave a press conference on OTA’s and I wrote down the highlights for you. Check out “Coach Speak”

*The Chiefs are holding OTA practices. Check out the OTA Report

*Our kicker is awesome!

*The Addicts celebrate Trent Green

*Randy has a fun fact for you in “Arrowhead Adventures.”

I will end, as always, promoting our forums. They were picking up steam and then they screeched to a halt. We are most interested in seeing activity in the Addict Posts, where you can do a bit of your own blogging. We may, in the near future, be looking to add a staff writer. The Addict Posts is a good place to get our attention with quality, well thoughtful posts. It will also encourage others to write so hop to it!

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